Notice of Bid/Request for Proposal

Florida State University
BID #FAC30588 Hoffman Bldg(FSU)


The Florida State University Facilities Purchasing will receive sealed bids until the dates and times shown for the following projects. Bids may be brought to the bid opening or sent to:

                Florida State University

                Facilities Maintenance, Purchasing

                114F Mendenhall Building A

                Tallahassee, Florida 32306

prior to bid opening. Bidder must reference bid number, opening date and time on outside of bid package to insure proper acceptance. Bids submitted by facsimile are not acceptable. For information relating to the Invitation(s) to Bid, contact the

Bid Number:                          FAC30588-10

                                                Reroofing Hoffman Laboratory

Purchasing Agent:               B.J. Lewis, Facilities

Mandatory Site Visit:           July 13, 2010, 10:00 a.m.

Location:                                Hoffman Laboratory Building

Special roofing prequalification submittal packages are to be turned in to the Architect at the time of the mandatory prebid meeting. The special prequalification submittal packages may be obtained from the Architect’s office prior to the prebid meeting.

Public Bid Opening:     July 22, 2010, 2:00 p.m.

                                        FSU-Facilities Maintenance

                                        969 Learning Way

                                        125 Mendenhall, Building A

                                        Tallahassee, Florida 32306-4150

                                        Facilities Maintenance Purchasing

Bid Documents: Reroofing Hoffman Laboratory Building

Reroofing work at Hoffman Laboratory Building includes removing existing roofing and flashing system down to existing lightweight concrete deck. Prime and hot apply new temporary membrane/vapor barrier. Install new roof drains and additional new roof drains and cast iron piping. Install new tapered insulating lightweight concrete deck system with a minimum 1/4'' per foot slope and a minimum average aged insulation value of R-20. Mechanically fasten a base sheet and torch applies a new two ply mineral surfaced modified bitumen membrane. The system would be installed to meet FM I -110 wind uplift requirements and have an UL Class “A” rating in compliance with Florida State University Standards, the current Florida Building Code and the Roofing Manufacturer’s recommendations to provide a roofing manufacturer’s 20 or 25 year NDL system warranty to include the lightweight concrete deck. The work also includes prefinished aluminum counterflashing, coping, edge metal, flashing, installing new pipe equipment stands, and painting the rooftop rusted steel equipment, existing equipment stands, doors, frame and hatches. Also limited exterior waterproofing and maintenance repair of the mechanical screen walls above the low slope roof surface.

Additive Alternate One: Install new prefinished aluminum coping on parapets.

Contact Person:    Randy Lewis

                                Project Architect MLD Architects

                                211 John Knox Road, Suite 105

                                Tallahassee, Florida 32303