Division of Emergency Management
Residential Construction Mitigation Program


Notice of Fund Availability (NOFA)

and Request for Proposals (RFP) – SFY 2009-2010

The Division of Emergency Management is providing you with notification of its intent to open the State Fiscal Year 2009-2010 application cycle for competitive grant awards from the Residential Construction Mitigation Program (RCMP). Funding is dependent upon an allocation by the Legislature. Approximately $2,368,893 is available for competitive grants and contracts in SFY 2009- 2010.

The RCMP provides competitive grants to state or regional agencies, local governments, and private non-profit/for profit (by RFP process) organizations to implement projects that will further the RCMP statutory program objective of enhancing residential wind mitigation. Eligible applicants may submit multiple applications; however, no single application shall seek or receive an award in excess of $100,000 per state fiscal year/application, unless otherwise noted in the priorities or program areas. All eligible applicants shall be limited to no more than three (3) application submissions in a state fiscal year and additionally one (1) application submission per category.

The Division encourages all interested and eligible parties with projects that will enhance residential wind mitigation in Florida to apply for awards during this open period in the following four (4) categories. Applicants may submit applications that address more than one priority; however, they must indicate the PRIMARY Priority Category that is addressed by the proposal.


Applications are accepted in the following four categories:

1.     Residential Mitigation Retrofit Program (Retrofit Program): Assistance to primarily low and moderate-income residents, which promotes wind mitigation (including retrofits, education, inspections and related activities). All retrofit or other installation of mitigation devices on residential structures MUST comply with the Blueprint for Safety Standard (BFS). The link to BFS: http://www.blueprintforsafety.org.

        All contractors or installation personnel must be BFS certified.

        Retrofits/Installations should be ‘systemic’, i.e. not just shutters, or just roof improvements, but a system that ties together all aspects of wind mitigation/BFS, to the maximum degree possible on the structure to be retrofitted. Where a systemic approach cannot be implemented, this must be clearly justified (i.e., structure has already been partially mitigated or structure does not otherwise require or cannot accept all aspects of BFS). Funding is on the basis of 75%/25%, match may be in-kind or direct. Recipients MUST include pre and post inspections to determine the scope of work and to certify completion. Recipients may contract for installation of BFS compliant retrofits or make allocations to homeowners for retrofit work, to be inspected and certified under the auspices of the subgrantee and the RCMP.

2.     Projects that encourage and/or increase integration of wind mitigation into comprehensive planning and local mitigation plans and compliance with the State Hazard Mitigation Plan.

3.     Projects, which enhance program effectiveness, measurement and attainment of, project goals and recommendations for improvement.

4.     Other projects that will further wind mitigation/RCMP objectives, which have been designated by the Program as priorities in the applicable Notice of Fund Availability/RFP.

Priority Areas:

A)    Projects which implement wind mitigation/projects as identified in the State Hazard Mitigation Plan (SHMP)/ (applicable) Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) and are clearly identified as projects/programs which can be initiated and completed within the grant contract period. The applicant must make clear reference with citations to the applicable sections of the SHMP and provide a copy of the Local Mitigation Strategy priority initiative list reflecting inclusion of their project(s). An endorsement letter from the chair of the county Local Mitigation Strategy Committee or county Director of Emergency Management must be provided. Low/Moderate Income Retrofits are included in this priority area; ‘leveraging’ of CDBG, SHIP, HMGP, FMA funds or similar funding streams with RCMP funding is encouraged.

B)    Projects, which will provide for product testing, measurement or enhancements, which will improve, wind mitigation in residential structures.

C)    Projects, which will address the effectiveness of early warning systems.

D)    Projects, which promote residential wind mitigation through the code, trade or construction industries, including related or affiliated programs and organizations.

Applications must identify which priority is being addressed; multiple priorities may be addressed, but a PRIMARY priority must be identified.

TO DOWNLOAD SECTION 215.559, FLORIDA STATUTES, APPLICATION PACKET AND related information please visit our website at: http://www.floridadisaster.org/Mitigation/RCMP/index.htm.

Applications must be prepared in conformance with the application packet instructions. Applications must be received on or before August 17, 2009, 4:00 p.m. (Local Time), at the address below:

Shemeeka Hopkins, Planning Manager

Florida Division of Emergency Management

Attention: RCMP

2555 Shumard Oak Boulevard

Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2100