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Environmental Protection Agency Region 4 OCS Mail List

EPA Region 4 is seeing person who are interested in being placed on a mailing list and notified of EPA Region 4 Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Air Quality Permitting Actions.

EPA Region 4 is the agency responsible for implementing and enforcing Clean Air Act requirements for OCS sources located beyond the seaward boundaries of the states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. In the Gulf of Mexico, this is the area east of 87' 3'' and beyond the seaward boundary of Florida. OCS sources are primarily engaged in offshore oil and gas exploration and production, but can also include alternative energy facilities, such as offshore wind and ocean current projects.

These OCS sources will likely need a air quality preconstruction permit issued pursuant to EPA’s Prevention of Significant Deterioration Program and/or a Title V operating permit. The Code of Federal Regulations at 40 CFR 124 requires EPA to “Notify the public of the opportunity to be put on the mailing list through periodic publication in the public press and in such publications as Regional and State funded newsletters, environmental bulletins, or State law journals.” This section also requires EPA to notify the public when EPA proposes to issue an air quality permit and allow the opportunity for comment on the proposed permit or request a public hearing. The public comment period is a minimum of 30 days. The public will be notified of a draft permit through a printed legal notice in a newspaper of general circulation in an area onshore from where the source will be located. The public may also be notified of the draft permit through EPA’s website. EPA will directly notify any person who requests to be on the mailing list. EPA Region 4 is seeking persons who are interested in being placed on a mailing list and notified of OCS air quality permitting actions.

If interested, please go to: http://www.epa.gov/region4/air/permits/OCSPermits/OCSpublicnotices.html and fill out and submit the form. You can also submit the following information by email or mail to the below contact.

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For further information please contact:

Sean Lakeman, EPA Region 4 61 Forysth Street, S. W., Atlanta, GA 30303; lakeman.sean@epa.gov; (404)562-9043