Notice of Change/Withdrawal

Agency for Workforce Innovation
60BB-2.025: Reports Required of Liable Employers; Filing of Reports by Electronic Means
Notice is hereby given that the following correction has been made to the proposed rule in Vol. 35 No. 48, December 4, 2009 issue of the Florida Administrative Weekly.

The Summary of Statement of Estimated Regulatory Costs should say:

The agency has determined that this rule will have an impact on small business. A SERC has been prepared by the agency. The agency will upgrade a position to handle the additional workload created by the legislation. That upgrade will be federally funded, so rule changes will have no impact on agency costs. The Agency does not anticipate any direct or indirect additional cost to other state and local government entities as a result of the rule amendment. It is not expected that the proposed changes will result in any increase or decrease in the amount of wages subject to unemployment compensation taxes, and thus should have no impact on state or local revenues. The proposed rule changes increase the frequency of reporting from biannual to quarterly and amend the information that must be reported. Employee leasing companies with 30 or more client companies will be required to file the report electronically with the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. The cost of submitting electronic reports will vary depending on the existing capabilities of each employee leasing company. The Agency believes that the following factors will impact costs: a) Whether an employee leasing company currently has the capability to file electronic reports; b) The cost to design, program, and test an electronic data system; c) The cost to contract out the services to a private vendor to develop the technical design, and perform the necessary programming and testing; and d) For those employee leasing companies that already use an outside vendor for reporting, the cost to develop a system to submit these reports. Employee leasing companies with less than 30 client companies may file the required report by submitting a completed paper form to the Agency. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that it takes one hour to complete the form. This should result in minimal cost to those employee leasing companies that file paper reports. The proposed rule changes are not expected to impact municipalities or counties.

Any person who wishes to provide information regarding the statement of estimated regulatory costs, or to provide a proposal for a lower cost regulatory alternative must do so in writing within 21 days of this notice.

THE PERSON TO BE CONTACTED REGARDING THE PROPOSED RULE IS: Karen Bishop, Assistant General Counsel, Agency for Workforce Innovation, Office of General Counsel, 107 East Madison Street, MSC #110, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4128, (850)245-7150