Notice of Change/Withdrawal

Residential Services
63E-7.002: Definitions
63E-7.011: Delinquency Intervention and Treatment Services
63E-7.016: Program Administration
Notice is hereby given that the following changes have been made to the proposed rule in accordance with subparagraph 120.54(3)(d)1., F.S., published in Vol. 36 No. 4, January 29, 2010 issue of the Florida Administrative Weekly.

63E-7.002 Definitions.

For the purpose of this rule chapter, the following words shall have the meanings indicated.

(1) through (4) No change.

(5) Authority for Evaluation and Treatment (AET)– The document that, when signed by a parent or guardian, gives the department the authority to assume responsibility for the provision of necessary and appropriate physical and mental health care to a youth in the department’s physical custody. The Authority for Evaluation and Treatment (HS 002, February 2010 May 2007) is incorporated into this rule and is accessible electronically at

(6) through (88) No change.

Rulemaking Authority 20.316, 985.64, 985.601(3)(a) FS. Law Implemented 985.601(3)(a), 985.03(44), 985.441(1)(b) FS. History– New 9-30-07, Amended 8-25-08, 7-8-09, 12-21-09,__________.


63E-7.011 Delinquency Intervention and Treatment Services.

(1) No change.

(2) Delinquency Intervention Services.

(a) For each youth in its care, a residential commitment program shall implement a delinquency intervention model or strategy that is an evidence-based practice, promising practice or a practice with demonstrated effectiveness as defined in Rule 63E-7.002, F.A.C., that addresses a priority need identified for that youth.

(b) through (e) No change.

(3) No change.

Rulemaking Authority 985.64 FS. Law Implemented 985.601(3)(a) FS. History–New 12-9-08, Amended 12-21-09,__________.


63E-7.016 Program Administration.

(1) through (3) No change.

(4) A residential commitment program director shall ensure provisions for staffing that, at a minimum, address the following:

(a) No change.

(b) Staff retention planning that includes steps to minimize turnover and improve employee morale;

(b) through (h) redesignated (c) through (i).

(5) through (11) No change.

(12) A residential commitment program shall include information obtained from youth and parent surveys as well as reports published annually by the department in their program planning and assessment process.

(12) through (14) renumbered (13) through (15).

Rulemaking Authority 985.64 FS. Law Implemented 985.601(3)(a) FS. History–New 4-13-08, Amended 8-25-08, 12-21-09,_________.