Notice of Variances and Waivers

Division of Environmental Health
64E-16.007: Treatment
The Department of Health hereby gives notice:
That on September 14, 2011, Department filed an Order disposing of a petition for variance from the requirements of subparagraph 64E-16.007(2)(a)2., and paragraphs 64E-16.007(2)(e), 64E-16.007(2)(d), F.A.C., which prescribes a procedure to be conducted on a biomedical waste treatment unit prior to placing the unit into service, a procedure for conducting routine efficacy testing and the unit to be equipped to continuously monitor and record temperature and pressure to ensure that the temperature and pressure required to treat the waste has been reached. The petition filed by Stanford A. Glazer on behalf of Red Bag Solutions, was filed with the Department on May 19, 2011 and noticed in the F.A.W. on June 24, 2011, in Vol. 37, No. 25. The Department determined that the Petitioner was able to demonstrate that the underlying statute will have been achieved or has be achieved by other means and that application of the rules would violate the principals of fairness. Therefore, the petition for permanent variance is GRANTED.
A copy of the Order or additional information may be obtained by contacting:
Agency Clerk, Department of Health, 4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin #A02, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1703, (850)245-4005.