Notice of Variances and Waivers

Mental Health Program
Rule No. : RULE TITLE :
65E-4.016: Mental Health Residential Treatment Facilities
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on March 18, 2011, the Department of Children and Families, received a petition for waiver of Rule 65E-4.016, Florida Administrative Code, from Health Management Institute/Canopy Cove, assigned Case No. 11-011W. Rule 65E-4.016, F.A.C., states licensed mental health residential treatment facility be an applicant and provide a long term homelike residential environment that provides care, support, assistance and limited supervision in daily living to adults diagnosed with a serious and persistent major mental illness who do not have another primary residence. Any facility licensed as a residential treatment facility must sustain a 60 day average or greater length of stay of residents, except as specifically provided for in Section 394.875(11), F.S.
A copy of the Petition for Variance or Waiver may be obtained by contacting: Agency Clerk.