FAR Issue Vol. 35/No. 41 Section VII    
Issue Date: October 16, 2009
Total number of notices in Section VII:    4

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Agency 6A
Imagine Schools Non-Profit, Inc.
  Section 1002.33(12)(i), F.S. provides in part that a charter school shall organize as or be operated by a nonprofit organization. ....
7745176 10/16/2009
Vol. 35/41
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Agency 61J2
Clinton R. Rockwell on behalf of BuckleySandler LLP (“Petitioner”).
  Petitioner seeks the Commission’s interpretation of Section 475.01, F.S., to conclude that Petitioner’s limited activities are not ....
7784558 10/16/2009
Vol. 35/41
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Leigh E. Wooten, filed on October 1, 2009.
  Petitioner requests a declaratory statement in regard to whether her graduate level coursework is approved continuing education within ....
7773985 10/16/2009
Vol. 35/41
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Michelle Cuello that was filed pursuant to Section 120.565, Florida Statutes.
  The petition has requested a declaratory statement regarding the applicability of Sections 520.07 and 520.13, Florida Statutes, to ....
7784364 10/16/2009
Vol. 35/41