FAR Issue Vol. 35/No. 48 Section VII    
Issue Date: December 4, 2009
Total number of notices in Section VII:    3

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Agency 61A
Dr. Jonathan Gropper, OBO BeerRightNow.com LLC.
  Petitioner seeks a Declaratory Statement as to the applicability of Section 561.42, F.S., to the legal operation of BeerRightNow.com ....
7980013 12/4/2009
Vol. 35/48
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Agency 61B
Gloria Ellinwood, Petitioner, In Re: Covington Court Hyde Court.
  Whether Covington Court Hyde Court is responsible for remediating the mold and mildew and interior repairs in a unit caused by water ....
7984766 12/4/2009
Vol. 35/48
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Leigh E. Wooten
  The petition was granted. The Department found that the coursework taken by petitioner was sufficient to satisfy 28 hours of continuing ....
7987288 12/4/2009
Vol. 35/48