FAR Issue Vol. 36/No. 19 Section VII    
Issue Date: May 14, 2010
Total number of notices in Section VII:    3

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Agency 61B
Jules Rose, Petitioner/Unit Owner, In Re: The Pierre Association, Inc.
  The Division finds that Jules Rose is ineligible to serve on the board until his federal and Florida civil right to possess a firearm, ....
8623123 5/14/2010
Vol. 36/19
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Agency 61B
Peter Torres, a corporate officer of Valencia South Miami, LLC, Petitioner/Unit ....
  The division declined to issue a declaratory statement because it cannot issue a declaratory statement concerning events that have ....
8622250 5/14/2010
Vol. 36/19
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Agency 61B
Fred Crivello, Petitioner/Unit Owner, In Re: Cypress Trace North Association, Inc. ....
  Whether Cypress Trace North Association, Inc. may amend its bylaws by the procedure therein or by the two-thirds vote provided in ....
8622056 5/14/2010
Vol. 36/19