FAR Issue Vol. 39/No. 120 Section I  
Issue Date: June 20, 2013
Total number of notices in Section I:    3

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The purpose of this rule is the approval of the Postsecondary Industry Certification Funding List. The requirement for the adoption by the State Board of Education was created in Chapter 2013-27, Laws of Florida. The .... 13142450 6/20/2013
Vol. 39/120
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The Board proposes the rule amendment to remove the provision that provisional accreditation shall meet the requirements of accreditation for purposes of licensure. 13139443 6/20/2013
Vol. 39/120
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To strengthen accountability measures for the safekeeping of confidential prescription information after statutorily authorized release from the database. 13142547 6/20/2013
Vol. 39/120