FAR Issue Vol. 41/No. 144 Section II  
Issue Date: July 27, 2015
Total number of notices in Section II:    3

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The purpose and effect of the proposed amendment is to make it clearer to both inmates and Department staff that “grievances” that violate Rule 33-602.203(7), F.A.C., “Control of Contraband,” will not be treated as grievances, .... 16269633 7/27/2015
Vol. 41/144
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The purpose of this rulemaking is to adopt revised minimum and guidance levels for Lake Padgett located in Pasco County and Lake Starvation located in Hillsborough County. The effect of the rule is to support the District’s .... 16264492 7/27/2015
Vol. 41/144
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The proposed rules are no longer necessary and are therefore repealed. 16268954 7/27/2015
Vol. 41/144