FAR Issue Vol. 42/No. 98 Section V  
Issue Date: May 19, 2016
Total number of notices in Section V:    2

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Building C and Building E, Lakeland, FL. Petitioner seeks an emergency variance of the requirements of an unspecified section of ASME A17.3 and A17.1, as adopted by 61C-5.001(1), Florida Administrative Code. Any interested .... 17550227 5/19/2016
Vol. 42/98
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Agency 64B7
Amber L. (Booth) Zainfeld, seeking a variance or waiver of Rule 64B7-32.002 and .003, Florida Administrative Code, regarding the requirements for proof of graduation and the minimum requirements for board approved massage .... 17551003 5/19/2016
Vol. 42/98