FAR Issue Vol. 48/No. 44 Section I  
Issue Date: March 4, 2022
Total number of notices in Section I:    3

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View Text Development
To set forth requirements relating to school safety and to define certain safety measures that schools are expected to meet. Amendments will address required bullying and harassment policies, threat assessment, Alyssa’s .... 25633819 3/4/2022
Vol. 48/44
View Text Development
To outline requirements and criteria for coalition performance standards, a customer satisfaction survey, and coalition performance outcomes and evaluations. The Division of Early Learning will be combining the three rules .... 25633722 3/4/2022
Vol. 48/44
View Text Development
To develop both formal and informal professional development training and course standards for early learning program instructors. 25633528 3/4/2022
Vol. 48/44