FAR Issue Vol. 48/No. 70 Section V  
Issue Date: April 11, 2022
Total number of notices in Section V:    3

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On March 21, 2022 the Division of Hotels and Restaurants received a Petition for a Routine Variance for Subparagraph 61C-1.004(1)(a), Florida Administrative Code and Paragraph 5-202.11(A), 2017 FDA Food Code from F1 SERVICES .... 25748861 4/11/2022
Vol. 48/70
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The Department issued a final order on March 11, 2022, granting Town of Lake Placid’s Petition for a Variance which contained a scrivener’s error (incorrect OGC Case Number). An amended final order was issued April 4, 2022, .... 25746630 4/11/2022
Vol. 48/70
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emergency waiver of Rules 65D-30.0047(11) 65D-30.0036(1)(b), Florida Administrative Code, from the Heal Behavioral Health, Inc. Rule 65D-30.0047(11), Fla. Admin. Code, states that substance abuse treatment facilities must .... 25747212 4/11/2022
Vol. 48/70