Department: 6
6 : Department of Education

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Div. No. Division Name
6LBoard of Education
6CBoard of Regents
6ECommission for Independent Education
6A1Division of Blind Services
6MDivision of Early Learning
6HDivision of Florida Colleges
6VDivision of Vocational Rehabilitation
6BEducation Practices Commission
6C3Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University
6C5Florida Atlantic University
6KFlorida Council for the Hearing Impaired
6C10Florida Gulf Coast University
6C12Florida Institute of Technology
6JFlorida Insustrial and Phosphate Research Institute
6C8Florida International University
6C13Florida Polytechnic University
6DFlorida School for the Deaf and the Blind
6C2Florida State University
6PMiami Dade College
6C11New College of Florida
6IPostsecondary Education Planning Commission
6NPostsecondary Reciprocal Distance Education Coordinating Council
6GSchool Districts
6C14South Florida State College Foundation
6AState Board of Education
6FState Board of Nonpublic Career Education
6C7University of Central Florida
6C1University of Florida
6C9University of North Florida
6C4University of South Florida
6C6University of West Florida