Notice: 13858795
Notice of Proposed Rule
Division: Medical
Chapter: Health Services



63M-2.001   Purpose and Scope
63M-2.002   Definitions
63M-2.003   Administrative Health Services Components
63M-2.0031   Designated Health Authority
63M-2.0032   Role of the Superintendant/Facility Director in Healthcare Services
63M-2.0033   Nursing Staff Requirements
63M-2.0034   Non-Licensed Staff Providing Health Services
63M-2.0035   Protocols and Procedures
63M-2.0036   Service Agreements
63M-2.0037   Verification of Credentials
63M-2.0038   Students or Interns
63M-2.0039   Interdisciplinary Risk Reduction/Quality Improvement
63M-2.004   Admission Process
63M-2.0041   Healthcare Admission Screening
63M-2.0042   Medical Emergencies Upon Admission or During Screening
63M-2.0043   Routine Notification of the Designated Health Authority Upon Admission
63M-2.0044   Tuberculosis (TB) Control and Screening
63M-2.0045   Medical Alert System
63M-2.0046   Healthcare Orientation of Committed Youth
63M-2.0047   Health-Related History (HRH)
63M-2.0048   Comprehensive Physical Assessment (CPA)
63M-2.005   Consent and Notification Requirements
63M-2.0051   Routine Consent - Authority for Evaluation and Treatment (AET)
63M-2.0052   Special Consent
63M-2.0053   Notification
63M-2.006   Sick Call
63M-2.008   Periodic Evaluations
63M-2.009   Episodic Care
63M-2.010   Girls Gender Responsive Medical Services
63M-2.020   Medication Management
63M-2.021   Pharmacy Permits and Licenses
63M-2.022   Verification and Procurement of Medications Prescribed Prior to Admission
63M-2.023   Transfer of Youth's Medications
63M-2.024   Receipt and Storage of Medications
63M-2.025   Inventory and Storage of Sharps
63M-2.026   Inventory of Medications
63M-2.027   Disposal of Medications
63M-2.030   Routine Medication Administration
63M-2.031   Youth Self-Administration of Oral Medication Assissted by Trained Non-Licensed Staff
63M-2.032   Youth Refusal of Medication
63M-2.033   Youth Hoarding of Medication and Swallowing Difficulties
63M-2.034   Administration of Parenteral Medications
63M-2.035   Medication Evaluations and Serum Drug Level Monitoring
63M-2.036   Adverse Drug Events and Medication Errors
63M-2.037   Education of Youth on Medications
63M-2.040   Environmental and Exercise Precautions
63M-2.050   Infection Control - Regulations and Training
63M-2.051   Needle Stick Injuries/Exposure
63M-2.052   HIV Counseling and Testing
63M-2.053   Lice (Pediculosis) and Scabies
63M-2.054   Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureas (MRSA)
63M-2.055   Health Department Reporting of Infectious Disease
63M-2.060   Individual Health Care Record (IHCR)
63M-2.061   Record Documentation, Development and Maintenance
63M-2.062   Core Health Profile
63M-2.063   Interdisciplinary Health Record
63M-2.064   Storage, Security and Control of the Individual Health Care Record
63M-2.070   Health Education
63M-2.080   Transitional Healthcare Planning
63M-2.081   Youth Release to the Community
63M-2.082   Transfer from Residential Commitment Program
LAW: 985.64(2), 985.145, 985.18 FS
PRINT PUBLISH DATE: 11/27/2013   Vol. 39/231
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