Notice: 14547883
Notice of Proposed Rule
Division: South Florida Water Management District



40E-2.011   Policy and Purpose
40E-2.041   Permits Required
40E-2.061   General Permits by Rule
40E-2.071   Noticed General Permits and Individual Permits
40E-2.091   Publications Incorporated by Reference
40E-2.101   Content of Application
40E-2.301   Conditions for Issuance of Permits
40E-2.321   Duration of Permit
40E-2.331   Modification of Permits
40E-2.381   Permit Conditions
RULEMAKING AUTHORITY: 373.044, 373.113, 373.118, 373.171, F.S.
LAW: 373.042, 373.0421, 373.079, 373.083, 373.103(1), 373.109, 373.118, 373.196, 373.203, 373.216, 373.219, 373.223, 373.224, 373.229, 373.232, 373.233, 373.236, 373.239, 373.244, 373.249, 373.250, F.S.
PRINT PUBLISH DATE: 5/23/2014   Vol. 40/101
COMMENTS: From 5/23/2014 To 6/13/2014 (21 Days)
The public comment period for this notice has already expired.
REFERENCE MATERIALS: Ref-01564 0188-QMQ Quarterly Report of Withdrawals
Ref-01565 0188-QASR Quarterly Report of Injections and Withdrawals for Aquifer Storage and Recovery 9ASR) Wells
Ref-01566 0188 QMQF Quarterly Report of Withdrawals from Wells and Surface Water Pumps
Ref-01567 0188 QBWDR Quarterly Report of Bulk Water Delivered and Received
Ref-01568 0188 QMON Quarterly Report of Monitoring
Ref-01569 0188 QCROP Report of Planting and Harvest of Seasonal Crops
Ref-01570 0645-W01 Water Use Permit Application
Ref-01571 0645-G60 Table A Description of Wells
Ref-01572 0645-G61-1 Table B Description of Surface Water Pumps
Ref-01573 0645-G61-2 Table C Description of Culverts
Ref-01574 0645-G65 Table D Crop Information
Ref-01575 0645-G74 Table E Water Received From or Distributed To Other Entities
Ref-01576 0645-G69 Table F Past Water Use & Table G Projected Water Use
Ref-01577 0645-G70 Table H Projected Water Use
Ref-01578 0645-G71 Table I Water Treatment Method and Losses
Ref-01579 0645-G72 Table J Aquifer Storage and Recovery
Ref-01580 0645-G73 Table K Water Supply System Interconnections
Ref-01581 0445 Mining/Dewatering Permit Application