Notice: 24961318
Notice of Proposed Rule
Chapter: Departmental Forms



61-35.012   Electrical Contractors' Departmental Forms
RULEMAKING AUTHORITY: 455.203, 455.213, 455.2179 FS.
LAW: 455.213(1), 455.271(6), 489.511, 489.513, 489.514, 489.517, 489.519, 489.521, 489.522, 559.79 FS. ..
PRINT PUBLISH DATE: 9/10/2021   Vol. 47/176
COMMENTS: From 9/10/2021 To 10/1/2021 (21 Days)
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REFERENCE MATERIALS: Ref-02737 DBPR ECLB 6 Electrical Contractor Change of Status Transactions
Ref-02741 DBPR ECLB 10 Application to Reinstate Null and Void Certification or Registration,
Ref-11415 DBPR ECLB 13 Certification of Registered Electrical, Alarm or Specialty Contractor by Grandfathering
Ref-12848 DBPR ECLB 1- Application for Initial Certification by Examination
Ref-12849 DBPR ECLB 2- Application for Certification by Endorsement
Ref-12850 DBPR ECLB 3- Application for Registered Electrical Alarm System or Specialty Contractor Transactions
Ref-12851 DBPR ECLB 4 -Certified Contractor Application for Transfer Additional Business or Reactivation
Ref-12853 DBPR ECLB 8- Certified Electrical Contractor Exam Application
Ref-12854 DBPR ECLB 9- Certified Electrical Contractor Retake Exam Application
Ref-12855 DBPR ECLB 11- Continuing Education Provider Approval Application
Ref-12857 DBPR ECLB 14- Certified Contractor Application for Endorsement- 10 year Provision
Ref-12859 DBPR ECLB 1-A- Application for Initial Certification by Examination for Military Veterans
Ref-12860 DBPR ECLB 2-A- Application for Certification by Endorsement for Military Veterans