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Dept. No. Department Name
28Administration Commission
71Agency for Enterprise Information Technology
59Agency for Health Care Administration
74Agency for State Technology
50Alligator Point Water Resources District
26Assessment Administration Review Commission
72Board of Governors
18Board of Trustees of The Internal Improvement Trust Fund
56Clean Florida Commission
41Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged
34Commission on Ethics
22Department of Administration
5Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
3Department of Banking and Finance
61Department of Business and Professional Regulation
7Department of Business Regulation
65Department of Children and Families
20Department of Citrus
8Department of Commerce
73Department of Commerce
9Department of Community Affairs
33Department of Corrections
6Department of Education
58Department of Elder Affairs
62Department of Environmental Protection
17Department of Environmental Regulation
69Department of Financial Services
13Department of General Services
64Department of Health
10Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services
15Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
4Department of Insurance
63Department of Juvenile Justice
38Department of Labor and Employment Security
11Department of Law Enforcement
2Department of Legal Affairs
60Department of Management Services
70Department of Military Affairs
16Department of Natural Resources
21Department of Professional Regulation
12Department of Revenue
1Department of State
53Department of the Lottery
14Department of Transportation
55Department of Veterans' Affairs
36Englewood Water District
27Executive Office of the Governor
45Expressway Authorities
43Fiscal Accounting Information Board
68Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
23Florida Commission on Offender Review
75Florida Gaming Control Commission
47Florida High Speed Rail Transportation Commission
67Florida Housing Finance Corporation
48Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority
42Florida Land and Water Adjudicatory Commission
32Florida State Fair Authority
39Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission
44Information Resource Commission
54Interlocal Agencies
999Joint Administrative Procedures Committee
37Legislative Committee on Intergovernmental Relations
31Loxahatchee River Environmental Control District
46Marine Fisheries Commission
35Metropolitan Planning Organizations
66Navigation Districts
1000Other Agencies and Organizations
24Pardon Board
52Port of Palm Beach District
25Public Service Commission
29Regional Planning Councils
30Regional Transportation Authorities
49Regional Utility Authorities
57Space Florida
19State Board of Administration
51The Consolidated Taxicab Commission
40Water Management Districts