Rule Chapter: 11B-30
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 11B-30.006 State Officer Certification Examination General Eligibility Requirements 7/9/2019
Rule file 11B-30.0062 State Officer Certification Examination Assignment and Retake Eligibility Requirements 7/19/2017
Rule file 11B-30.007 Application for the State Officer Certification Examination and Notification Process 7/19/2017
Rule file 11B-30.0071 Examination Accommodations for Applicants with Disabilities 7/19/2017
Rule file 11B-30.008 State Officer Certification Examination Site Administration 7/19/2017
Rule file 11B-30.009 Applicant Conduct at Test Site and Notice of Protection of Program Privileges 7/19/2017
Rule file 11B-30.010 Applicants Charged with Violations; Right of Hearing 11/5/2002
Rule file 11B-30.011 Examination Scoring and Grade Notification 7/19/2017
Rule file 11B-30.012 Post Examination Review of Missed Questions, Answers, and Grading Key 8/15/2018
Rule file 11B-30.013 Challenge to Examination Results; Right of Hearing 7/19/2017