Rule Chapter: 12-13
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 12-13.001 Scope of Rules 10/29/2013
Rule file 12-13.002 Definitions 10/2/2001
Rule file 12-13.003 Request for Settlement or Compromise (Repealed) 10/29/2013
Rule file 12-13.004 Delegation of Authority to Determine Settlements or Compromises 1/19/2015
Rule file 12-13.005 Grounds for Finding Doubt as to Liability 3/25/2020
Rule file 12-13.006 Grounds for Finding Doubt as to Collectibility 10/2/2001
Rule file 12-13.0063 Grounds for Finding Department Delay in the Determination of an Amount Due 10/29/2013
Rule file 12-13.0064 Relief for Inadvertent Sales and Use Tax Registration Errors 10/29/2013
Rule file 12-13.007 Grounds for Reasonable Cause for Compromise of Penalties 10/29/2013
Rule file 12-13.0075 Guidelines for Determining Amount of Compromise 10/29/2013
Rule file 12-13.008 Procedures for Compromise and Settlement of Taxes, Interest, and Penalties 10/29/2013
Rule file 12-13.009 Closing Agreements 1/11/2016
Rule file 12-13.010 Special Provisions Applicable to Compromise of Estate Taxes 10/29/2013