Rule Chapter: 12-3
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 12-3.0012 Definitions 10/1/2003
Rule file 12-3.0015 Interest Applicable to Unpaid Tax Liabilities or Amounts Not Timely Refunded 1/25/2012
Rule file 12-3.0017 Adoption of Materials That Contain Departmental Procedures 1/8/2019
Rule file 12-3.006 Designation of Official Reporter to Publish and Index Subject Matter Relating to Agency Orders (Repealed) 5/9/2013
Rule file 12-3.007 Delegation of Authority 7/28/2015
Rule file 12-3.011 Department Personnel Disciplinary Procedures and Standards (Repealed) 12/18/2007
Rule file 12-3.012 Compensation to Third-Party Recordkeepers 7/31/2003