Rule Chapter: 12C-2
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 12C-2.001 Definitions 1/28/2008
Rule file 12C-2.002 Property Subject to Tax - Annual and Nonrecurring (Repealed) 1/28/2008
Rule file 12C-2.003 Exemptions (Repealed) 1/28/2008
Rule file 12C-2.004 Property Subject to Tax - Government Leasehold Estates and Nonrecurring. 1/17/2013
Rule file 12C-2.005 Reporting Requirements - Due Date - Payment of Tax - Discounts Allowed 1/28/2008
Rule file 12C-2.006 Taxable Situs - Reporting Requirements - Who Shall File a Return (Repealed) 1/28/2008
Rule file 12C-2.0061 Transfer of Intangible Personal Property to Certain Out-of-State Entities (Repealed) 1/28/2008
Rule file 12C-2.0062 Management or Control (Repealed) 1/28/2008
Rule file 12C-2.0063 Intangible Personal Property Held in Trusts (Repealed) 1/28/2008
Rule file 12C-2.007 Penalties and Interest 1/28/2008
Rule file 12C-2.008 Information Reports (Repealed) 1/28/2008
Rule file 12C-2.010 Valuations 1/17/2013
Rule file 12C-2.0105 Tax Credits (Repealed) 1/28/2008
Rule file 12C-2.011 Administration 1/28/2008
Rule file 12C-2.0115 Public Use Forms 1/11/2016
Rule file 12C-2.012 Refunds 5/9/2013