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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 1S-2.0001 Designation of Division of Elections as Filing Office for Department of State; Requirements for Candidate Qualifying Papers; Withdrawal of Candidacy 11/13/2023
Rule file 1S-2.0011 Constitutional Amendment Ballot Position 6/22/2010
Rule file 1S-2.002 Placement of Races on Primary Ballots (Repealed) 3/6/2016
Rule file 1S-2.0031 Write-in Procedures (Repealed) 3/6/2016
Rule file 1S-2.004 Purchase, Sale, and Uses of Voting Equipment and Systems 1/2/2012
Rule file 1S-2.008 Random Sampling Procedure for Petition Signature Verification 7/25/1978
Rule file 1S-2.009 Constitutional Amendment by Initiative Petition 10/1/2021
Rule file 1S-2.0091 Constitutional Amendment Initiative Petition; Submission Deadline; Signature Verification 10/1/2021
Rule file 1S-2.0095 Constitutional Amendment Initiative Petition Revocation; Petition Approval; Submission Deadline; Signature Verification (Repealed) 5/25/2010
Rule file 1S-2.010 Advisory Opinions 12/9/2003
Rule file 1S-2.0115 Certification Requirements for Supervisors of Elections for Special Qualification Salary. 1/29/2006
Rule file 1S-2.013 Absentee Ballots to Overseas Electors (Repealed) 3/6/2016
Rule file 1S-2.015 Minimum Security Procedures for Voting Systems 4/1/2016
Rule file 1S-2.016 Minimum Security Procedures for Transmission of Returns by Dedicated Teleprocessing Lines (Repealed) 3/6/2016
Rule file 1S-2.017 Reporting Requirements for Campaign Treasurer's Reports 8/4/2011
Rule file 1S-2.020 Revocation of Certification for Committees of Continuous Existence 10/1/2013
Rule file 1S-2.021 Cancellation of Registration of Political Committees and Electioneering Communications Organizations 2/21/2022
Rule file 1S-2.022 Mail Ballot Elections (Repealed) 11/17/2015
Rule file 1S-2.025 Elections Fraud Complaints 8/4/2016
Rule file 1S-2.027 Standards for Determining Voter Intent 8/8/2024
Rule file 1S-2.028 State Write-in Ballot 12/9/2003
Rule file 1S-2.029 Eligibility for Late Registration (Repealed) 12/25/2013
Rule file 1S-2.030 Vote-by-Mail Ballots for Absent Stateside Uniformed Services and Overseas Voters 2/13/2020
Rule file 1S-2.031 Recount Procedures 6/27/2022
Rule file 1S-2.032 Uniform Design for Election Ballots 4/23/2020
Rule file 1S-2.033 Standards for Nonpartisan Voter Education 9/13/2009
Rule file 1S-2.034 Polling Place Procedures Manual 7/31/2024
Rule file 1S-2.035 Polling Place Accessibility Survey (Repealed) 11/1/2015
Rule file 1S-2.036 Complaint Process for Violations of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 and the Florida Election Code. 1/29/2006
Rule file 1S-2.037 Provisional Ballots 4/13/2022
Rule file 1S-2.038 HAVA Violations - Complaints 2/2/2004
Rule file 1S-2.039 FVRS Voter Registration Procedures 1/2/2012
Rule file 1S-2.040 Statewide Uniform Voter Registration Application 4/24/2024
Rule file 1S-2.041 FVRS Address and Eligibility Records Maintenance 8/1/2011
Rule file 1S-2.042 Third-Party Voter Registration Organizations 9/26/2023
Rule file 1S-2.043 Electronic File Reporting Relating to Vote-by-Mail Ballot Request Information and Early Voting Activity 6/23/2022
Rule file 1S-2.045 Candidate Petition Process 10/18/2015
Rule file 1S-2.046 Initiative Process for Method of Selection for Circuit or County Court Judges 4/15/2009
Rule file 1S-2.047 State Campaign Matching Funds Program 11/27/2017
Rule file 1S-2.048 State and Federal-Designated NVRA Voter Registration Agencies - Responsibilities 1/2/2012
Rule file 1S-2.049 Vote-By-Mail Ballots - Absent Stateside Uniformed Services Voters (Repealed) 3/20/2014
Rule file 1S-2.050 Cancellation of Political Party Filings 3/5/2015
Rule file 1S-2.051 Standards for Determining Voter's Choice on a Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot 8/23/2015
Rule file 1S-2.052 Delivery of Vote-by-Mail Ballot 5/15/2024
Rule file 1S-2.053 Election Results, Precinct-Level Election Results, Voting History, and Reconciliation Reporting 7/1/2017
Rule file 1S-2.054 Poll Watcher Designation Form 8/8/2016
Rule file 1S-2.055 Vote-by-mail Requests 4/17/2024
Rule file 1S-2.056 Signature Matching Training and Verification 5/29/2024