Rule Chapter: 1T-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 1T-1.001 Division of Arts and Culture 3/27/2022
Rule file 1T-1.031 Historical Museum Grants Application Requirements (Repealed) 10/27/2009
Rule file 1T-1.032 History Museums Application Review and Grant Administration (Repealed) 10/27/2009
Rule file 1T-1.033 Art in State Buildings Program 10/27/2009
Rule file 1T-1.034 Florida Artists Hall of Fame and Florida Arts Recognition Awards 7/14/2022
Rule file 1T-1.035 Artwork Collection Care and Maintenance 10/27/2009
Rule file 1T-1.036 Arts and Cultural Grants 3/27/2022
Rule file 1T-1.037 State Touring Program 3/16/2014
Rule file 1T-1.038 Individual Artist Fellowship Program 7/23/2012
Rule file 1T-1.039 Cultural Facilities Program 3/27/2022
Rule file 1T-1.040 Fast Track Grants 3/27/2022
Rule file 1T-1.041 Florida Poet Laureate 2/17/2015
Rule file 1T-1.042 Division Initiatives Partnership Program 3/27/2022