Rule Chapter: 28-42
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 28-42.001 Scope and Applicability of Chapter 8/8/2021
Rule file 28-42.002 Time Periods 8/8/2021
Rule file 28-42.003 Filing Documents 8/8/2021
Rule file 28-42.004 Initiation of an Appeal 8/8/2021
Rule file 28-42.005 Executive Office of the Governor Procedures Upon Receipt of an Appeal 8/8/2021
Rule file 28-42.006 Withdrawal of Appeals 8/8/2021
Rule file 28-42.007 Budget Analysis 8/8/2021
Rule file 28-42.008 Budget Hearing 8/8/2021
Rule file 28-42.009 Administration Commission Hearing and Final Order 8/8/2021