Rule Chapter: 40A-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 40A-1.004 Agreements (Repealed) 8/6/2013
Rule file 40A-1.0045 District Funds 8/6/2013
Rule file 40A-1.021 Definitions 4/15/2014
Rule file 40A-1.1002 Variances from Water Shortage Plan (Repealed) 4/17/2018
Rule file 40A-1.1003 Variance and Emergency Variance or Authorization Procedures 3/2/2000
Rule file 40A-1.1010 Point of Entry Into Proceedings 3/2/2000
Rule file 40A-1.1020 General Procedures for Permit Applications (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40A-1.1030 Contract Bidding - Resolution of Protest (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40A-1.1040 General Permits (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40A-1.180 Procedures for Contracting for Professional Services (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40A-1.181 Contract Bidding - Reservation of Rights (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40A-1.182 Contract Bidding - Resolution of Protest (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40A-1.2025 Fees 4/15/2014
Rule file 40A-1.203 Permit Application Procedure 4/7/2015
Rule file 40A-1.205 Suspension, Revocation, Cancellation and Modification of District Permits 4/15/2014
Rule file 40A-1.206 Temporary Permits (Repealed) 8/6/2013
Rule file 40A-1.207 Complaints 4/17/2018
Rule file 40A-1.208 Administrative Enforcement Action 3/2/2000
Rule file 40A-1.209 Emergency Action 10/1/1984
Rule file 40A-1.510 District Investigations and Probable Cause Determination 3/2/2000
Rule file 40A-1.600 Lobbyist Registration Prodecures 4/7/2015