Rule Chapter: 40B-2
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 40B-2.011 Policy and Purpose 3/24/2014
Rule file 40B-2.021 Definitions 3/24/2014
Rule file 40B-2.025 Processing of Water Use Permit Applications (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40B-2.031 Implementation 3/24/2014
Rule file 40B-2.041 Permits Required 3/24/2014
Rule file 40B-2.051 Exemptions 1/6/2010
Rule file 40B-2.101 Content of Application 3/24/2014
Rule file 40B-2.201 Permit Fees (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40B-2.301 Conditions for Issuance of Permits 3/7/2024
Rule file 40B-2.311 Competing Applications (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40B-2.321 Duration of Permits 3/24/2014
Rule file 40B-2.331 Modification of Permits 3/7/2024
Rule file 40B-2.341 Revocation of Permits (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40B-2.351 Transfer of Permits 3/7/2024
Rule file 40B-2.361 Renewal of Permits 3/24/2014
Rule file 40B-2.381 Limiting Conditions 3/24/2014
Rule file 40B-2.441 Temporary Water Use Permits (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40B-2.451 Emergency Authorization for Withdrawal or Diversion (Repealed) 1/6/2010
Rule file 40B-2.501 Classification of Permits 3/24/2014
Rule file 40B-2.751 Investigation, Enforcement, and Penalties (Repealed) 1/6/2010
Rule file 40B-2.781 Enforcement (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40B-2.901 Forms and Instructions (Repealed) 9/7/2010