Rule Chapter: 40B-9
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 40B-9.011 Policy and Purpose 5/31/2009
Rule file 40B-9.021 Definitions 5/9/2017
Rule file 40B-9.031 Selection of Lands - Five Year Plan (Repealed) 5/31/2009
Rule file 40B-9.041 Acquisition Procedures - Negotiations 5/9/2017
Rule file 40B-9.042 Inholding and Addition Property (Repealed) 7/21/2010
Rule file 40B-9.045 Acquisition Procedures - Condemnation (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40B-9.051 Surveys (Repealed) 5/31/2009
Rule file 40B-9.061 Appraisals (Repealed) 5/31/2009
Rule file 40B-9.065 Disclosure of Beneficial Interest (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40B-9.071 Use of Trust Fund (Repealed) 5/31/2009
Rule file 40B-9.081 Disposition of Surplus Real Property (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40B-9.111 Funding of the District Lands Management Program (Repealed) 5/31/2009
Rule file 40B-9.121 Conceptual Management Plans for District Lands (Repealed) 5/31/2009
Rule file 40B-9.122 Resource Management Plans for District Lands (Repealed) 5/31/2009
Rule file 40B-9.123 Additional Definitions (Repealed) 5/9/2017
Rule file 40B-9.125 Scope and Applicability 5/31/2009
Rule file 40B-9.126 Access to District Lands 5/9/2017
Rule file 40B-9.131 Public Use of District Lands 5/9/2017
Rule file 40B-9.132 Public Vehicle Use (Repealed) 5/31/2009
Rule file 40B-9.133 Possession and Use of Firearms, Archery Equipment, Trapping Devices and Free-running Hunting Dogs (Repealed) 5/31/2009
Rule file 40B-9.134 Trespass after Notice (Repealed) 5/31/2009
Rule file 40B-9.138 Other Prohibited Activities (Repealed) 5/31/2009
Rule file 40B-9.1381 Prohibited Activities 5/9/2017
Rule file 40B-9.139 Use Fees (Repealed) 1/19/2016
Rule file 40B-9.141 Special Use Licenses (Repealed) 5/31/2009
Rule file 40B-9.1411 Special Use Authorizations 5/9/2017
Rule file 40B-9.142 Easements 5/9/2017
Rule file 40B-9.145 Leases 5/9/2017
Rule file 40B-9.151 Closure of District Lands 5/31/2009
Rule file 40B-9.161 Violations 5/31/2009
Rule file 40B-9.320 Conflicting Rules 5/31/2009