Rule Chapter: 40C-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 40C-1.002 Definitions (Repealed) 11/11/2003
Rule file 40C-1.003 The Governing Board (Repealed) 11/3/2015
Rule file 40C-1.004 District Funds 7/21/2019
Rule file 40C-1.010 Procedure for Voting Conflicts of Interest (Repealed) 8/12/2008
Rule file 40C-1.012 Employee Deferred Compensation Program 8/1/1989
Rule file 40C-1.1001 Applicability of the Uniform Rules of Procedure 8/4/1998
Rule file 40C-1.1002 Variances from Section 373.414, F.S., Paragraph 40C-4.301(1)(e) and Rule 40C-4.302, F.A.C. (Repealed) 10/1/2013
Rule file 40C-1.1003 Variances from Water Well Construction Requirements 8/4/1998
Rule file 40C-1.1004 Variances from Water Shortage Orders or Water Shortage Emergency Orders 7/21/2019
Rule file 40C-1.1005 Time for Consideration of Emergency Petition for Variances 7/21/2019
Rule file 40C-1.1006 Formal Determination of Wetlands and Other Surface Waters (Repealed) 10/1/2013
Rule file 40C-1.1007 Point of Entry Into Proceedings 7/21/2019
Rule file 40C-1.1008 Timeframe for Providing Requested Information 7/21/2019
Rule file 40C-1.1009 Emergency Authorization for Activities Regulated Under Part IV of Chapter 373, F.S 10/1/2013
Rule file 40C-1.1010 Emergency Well Construction Permits 8/4/1998
Rule file 40C-1.1011 Submitting Notice of Intent for Consumptive Use Permits Under Rule 40C-20.042, F.A.C. (Repealed) 8/14/2014
Rule file 40C-1.1012 Submitting Notice of Intent for Consumptive Use Permits Under Chapter 40C-22, F.A.C. (Repealed) 8/14/2014
Rule file 40C-1.1013 Processing Procedures for Noticed General Permits Under Chapter 40C-400, F.A.C. (Repealed) 10/1/2013
Rule file 40C-1.106 Interagency Agreements 7/1/2007
Rule file 40C-1.1101 Amendments to and Releases of Conservation Easements (Repealed) 12/23/2015
Rule file 40C-1.135 Delegations of Authority 7/21/2019
Rule file 40C-1.601 General 8/4/1998
Rule file 40C-1.602 Licenses or Permits Required 10/1/2013
Rule file 40C-1.603 Permit Fees 7/21/2019
Rule file 40C-1.604 Conceptual Approval Permit Procedures (Repealed) 10/1/2013
Rule file 40C-1.607 Issuance of a License or Permit 8/4/1998
Rule file 40C-1.608 Denial of a License or Permit 10/1/2013
Rule file 40C-1.610 License or Permit Renewal 8/1/1989
Rule file 40C-1.612 Transfer of Ownership or Permit 6/1/2018
Rule file 40C-1.701 General (Repealed) 11/3/2015
Rule file 40C-1.702 Public Notice (Repealed) 11/3/2015
Rule file 40C-1.703 Letter of Interest (Repealed) 11/3/2015
Rule file 40C-1.704 Competitive Selection (Repealed) 11/3/2015
Rule file 40C-1.705 Competitive Negotiations (Repealed) 11/3/2015
Rule file 40C-1.706 Reservation of Rights (Repealed) 7/21/2019
Rule file 40C-1.708 Protest of Action (Repealed) 11/3/2015
Rule file 40C-1.709 General 6/17/1991
Rule file 40C-1.711 Selection of the Design-Criteria Professional 9/25/1990
Rule file 40C-1.712 Design Criteria Package 6/17/1991
Rule file 40C-1.713 Minimum Qualifications for Firms Providing Design-Build Services 9/25/1990
Rule file 40C-1.714 Request for Qualifications 6/17/1991
Rule file 40C-1.715 Qualification of Firms 6/17/1991
Rule file 40C-1.716 Proposal Selection 2/13/2001
Rule file 40C-1.717 Competitive Negotiations for Design-Build Services 2/13/2001
Rule file 40C-1.718 Rejection of Proposals 2/13/2001
Rule file 40C-1.719 Emergency Procurement 2/13/2001
Rule file 40C-1.720 Reuse of Plans 6/17/1991
Rule file 40C-1.721 Protest of Action (Repealed) 11/3/2015