Rule Chapter: 40E-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 40E-1.021 Definitions 8/7/2016
Rule file 40E-1.100 Uniform Rules of Procedure and Statement of District Organization and Operation (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-1.106 Post-Employment Restrictions 10/22/1997
Rule file 40E-1.1065 Misuse of Public Position (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-1.125 Public Information and Inspection of Records (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-1.139 Complaints under the Americans with Disabilities Act 5/11/1993
Rule file 40E-1.200 Procedures for Agendas and Scheduling of Meetings and Workshops (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-1.208 Procedure for Abstaining from Voting Conflicts of Interest (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-1.300 Rulemaking Procedures (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-1.400 Procedures Regarding Declaratory Statements (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-1.500 Procedures for Proceedings which Determine Substantial Interests and Associated Mediation (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-1.5095 Publication of Notice of Agency Decision or Intended Agency Decision (Repealed) 12/1/2011
Rule file 40E-1.511 Point of Entry Into Proceedings (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-1.520 Procedures Concerning Formal Proceedings (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-1.521 Initiation of Formal Proceedings (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-1.564 Exceptions to Recommended Order (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-1.570 Procedures Concerning Informal Proceedings (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-1.601 General (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-1.602 Permits Required 7/14/2014
Rule file 40E-1.603 Application Procedures for Processing Permit Applications or Notices of Intent 7/14/2014
Rule file 40E-1.604 Bond 7/30/2013
Rule file 40E-1.6058 Posting, Publication and Requests for Notification of Permit Applications or Notices of Intent 1/19/2014
Rule file 40E-1.6065 Consideration of Intended Agency Decision on Permit Applications 7/14/2014
Rule file 40E-1.607 Permit Application Processing Fees 8/7/2016
Rule file 40E-1.608 Denial of Permits (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-1.609 Suspension, Revocation and Modification of Permits 6/12/2000
Rule file 40E-1.610 Permit Renewal 6/12/2000
Rule file 40E-1.6105 Notification of Transfer of Interest in Real Property 10/1/2006
Rule file 40E-1.6107 Transfer of Surface Water Management, or Water Use, or Wetland Resource Permit 8/7/2016
Rule file 40E-1.611 Emergency Action (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-1.6115 Emergency Authorization (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-1.615 Coordinated Agency Review Procedures for the Florida Keys Area of Critical State Concern 8/7/2016
Rule file 40E-1.659 Forms and Instructions 8/7/2016
Rule file 40E-1.702 Environmental Resource, Surface Water Management Permit and Consumptive Use Enforcement Guidelines 8/7/2016
Rule file 40E-1.711 Orders of Corrective Action and Consent Orders 10/23/2012
Rule file 40E-1.715 Civil Penalty Calculation 10/23/2012
Rule file 40E-1.721 Complaints, District Investigations, Probable Cause Determinations and Notices of Violations 10/3/1995
Rule file 40E-1.800 Lobbyist Registration 4/11/2021
Rule file 40E-1.801 Public Meetings of the South Florida Water Management District 4/11/2021