Rule Chapter: 40E-7
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 40E-7.201 Policy and Purpose (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-7.205 Competitive Selection for Professional Services (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-7.214 Policy 6/15/2016
Rule file 40E-7.215 Definitions 4/1/2003
Rule file 40E-7.216 Cure Notice 6/15/2016
Rule file 40E-7.217 Termination for Default Notice 4/1/2003
Rule file 40E-7.218 Factors to Determine Whether a Contracting Entity Should be Placed on the Temporary or Permanent Suspension List 6/15/2016
Rule file 40E-7.219 Administrative Hearings 4/1/2003
Rule file 40E-7.300 Procedures Concerning Bid Protests of Solicitations or Contract Awards (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-7.301 Reservation of Rights 2/18/1990
Rule file 40E-7.401 District Transfer of Funds (Repealed) 5/27/2012
Rule file 40E-7.511 Policy and Purpose 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.520 Scope and Applicability 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.521 Definitions 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.523 Access to Management Areas; Closures 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.525 Use of Vehicles, Airboats, and Aircraft; Navigational Restrictions 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.526 Equestrian Activities; Use of Saddle Animals 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.527 Hunting 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.528 Bicycling 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.529 Overnight Camping 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.530 Trapping 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.532 Operating Hours 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.534 Special Use Licenses 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.535 Event Authorization 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.537 General Prohibitions 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.538 Establishment of South Florida Water Management District Management Areas Open to the Public 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.5381 Special Provisions for Right of Way of the District 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.5382 Special Provisions for Vacant Undesignated District Lands Open to the Public 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.5383 Special Provisions for Stormwater Treatment Areas (STAs) of the District Open to the Public 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.5384 Special Provisions for Impoundment Areas of the District Open to the Public 5/3/2014
Rule file 40E-7.539 Penalties 7/12/2006
Rule file 40E-7.668 Policy 12/9/2020
Rule file 40E-7.669 Definitions 12/9/2020
Rule file 40E-7.670 Competitive Solicitation Preferences 12/9/2020
Rule file 40E-7.671 District Implementation 8/29/2013
Rule file 40E-7.672 Compliance 12/9/2020
Rule file 40E-7.673 Certification Eligibility - Small Business Enterprise 12/9/2020
Rule file 40E-7.674 Certification Review Procedures 12/9/2020
Rule file 40E-7.675 Recertification Review Procedures 12/9/2020
Rule file 40E-7.676 Decertification 12/9/2020
Rule file 40E-7.677 Reciprocity 12/9/2020
Rule file 40E-7.678 Administrative Hearings 12/9/2020