Rule Chapter: 53ER20
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 53ER20-1 Holiday Luck Second Chance Promotion Amendment (Replaced by 53ER20-65) 1/8/2020
Rule file 53ER20-2 Game Number 1444, 20X 1/9/2020
Rule file 53ER20-3 Game Number 1445, 50X 1/9/2020
Rule file 53ER20-4 Game Number 1446, 100X 1/9/2020
Rule file 53ER20-5 Game Number 1443, 10X® 1/9/2020
Rule file 53ER20-6 Xtra Chance Promotion (Replaced by 53ER20-65) 1/9/2020
Rule file 53ER20-7 Triple Cash Promotion (Replaced by 53ER21-21) 1/23/2020
Rule file 53ER20-8 Triple Cash Retailer Promotion (Replaced by 53ER20-65) 1/23/2020
Rule file 53ER20-9 Retailer Responsibilities 1/23/2020
Rule file 53ER20-10 LUCKY CLOVER (Replaced by 53ER20-50) 2/5/2020
Rule file 53ER20-11 WORD SEARCH (Replaced by 53ER20-51) 2/5/2020
Rule file 53ER20-12 HORSESHOE RINGER (Replaced by 53ER20-52) 2/5/2020
Rule file 53ER20-13 Game Number 1447, LOOSE CHANGE® 2/20/2020
Rule file 53ER20-14 Game Number 1448, FAT WALLET 2/20/2020
Rule file 53ER20-15 Game Number 1449, WIN WIN WIN (Replaced by 53ER21-41) 2/20/2020
Rule file 53ER20-16 Game Number 1450, THE FASTEST ROAD TO $1,000,000 2/20/2020
Rule file 53ER20-17 Retailer CASH4LIFE® Bonus Commission Program 2/20/2020
Rule file 53ER20-18 Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules (Replaced by 53ER20-65) 2/20/2020
Rule file 53ER20-19 Triple Cash Promotion Amendment (Replaced by 53ER21-21) 3/2/2020
Rule file 53ER20-20 Triple Cash Retailer Promotion Amendment (Replaced by 53ER20-65) 3/4/2020
Rule file 53ER20-21 POWERBALL® (Replaced by 53ER20-28) 3/25/2020
Rule file 53ER20-22 Mega Bucks Promotion (Replaced by 53ER21-41) 3/30/2020
Rule file 53ER20-23 Game Number 1452, $100 IN A FLASH 4/2/2020
Rule file 53ER20-24 Game Number 1453, BREAK THE BANK BINGO 4/2/2020
Rule file 53ER20-25 Game Number 1454, $500 MADNESS 4/2/2020
Rule file 53ER20-26 Game Number 1451, 9'S IN A LINE (Replaced by 53ER21-41) 4/2/2020
Rule file 53ER20-27 MEGA MILLIONS® (Replaced by 53ER20-32) 4/3/2020
Rule file 53ER20-28 POWERBALL® (Replaced by 53ER20-40) 4/8/2020
Rule file 53ER20-29 FLORIDA LOTTO® Advance Play 4/11/2020
Rule file 53ER20-30 Retailer POWERBALL® Bonus Commission Program 4/9/2020
Rule file 53ER20-31 JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY™ (Replaced by 53ER20-49) 4/17/2020
Rule file 53ER20-32 MEGA MILLIONS® (Replaced by 53ER20-41) 4/21/2020
Rule file 53ER20-33 Mega Bucks Promotion Amendment 4/28/2020
Rule file 53ER20-34 Game Number 1455, DOUBLE PAYDAY 5/14/2020
Rule file 53ER20-35 Game Number 5017, MATCH 3 TRIPLER 5/14/2020
Rule file 53ER20-36 Game Number 1457, $5,000,000 CASHWORD 5/14/2020
Rule file 53ER20-37 JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY™ Retailer Triple Sales Commision Promotion (Replaced by 53ER20-65) 5/28/2020
Rule file 53ER20-38 Retailer MEGA MILLIONS® Bonus Commission Program 6/10/2020
Rule file 53ER20-39 MEGA MILLIONS® Quick Cash Promotion (Replaced by 53ER21-21) 6/19/2020
Rule file 53ER20-40 POWERBALL® (Replaced by 53ER21-47) 6/26/2020
Rule file 53ER20-41 MEGA MILLIONS® 6/26/2020
Rule file 53ER20-42 FLORIDA LOTTO® (Replaced by 53ER20-76) 6/26/2020
Rule file 53ER20-43 CASH4LIFE® 6/26/2020
Rule file 53ER20-44 PICK 2™ (Replaced by 53ER21-9) 6/26/2020
Rule file 53ER20-45 PICK 3™ (Replaced by 53ER21-10) 6/26/2020
Rule file 53ER20-46 PICK 4™ (Replaced by 53ER21-11) 6/26/2020
Rule file 53ER20-47 PICK 5™ (Replaced by 53ER21-12) 6/26/2020
Rule file 53ER20-48 FANTASY 5® 6/26/2020
Rule file 53ER20-49 JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY™ 6/26/2020
Rule file 53ER20-50 LUCKY CLOVER (Replaced by 53ER21-21) 6/26/2020
Rule file 53ER20-51 WORD SEARCH (Replaced by 53ER21-21) 6/26/2020
Rule file 53ER20-52 HORSESHOE RINGER (Replaced by 53ER21-21) 6/26/2020
Rule file 53ER20-53 Sale of Lottery Tickets 6/26/2020
Rule file 53ER20-54 Payment of Prizes (Replaed by 53ER20-77) 7/2/2020
Rule file 53ER20-55 Game Number 1459, $1 MONOPOLY™ BONUS SPECTACULAR 7/2/2020
Rule file 53ER20-56 Game Number 1460, $2 MONOPOLY™ BONUS SPECTACULAR 7/2/2020
Rule file 53ER20-57 Game Number 1461, $5 MONOPOLY™ BONUS SPECTACULAR 7/2/2020
Rule file 53ER20-58 Game Number 1462, $10 MONOPOLY™ BONUS SPECTACULAR 7/2/2020
Rule file 53ER20-59 MONOPOLY™ Bonus Promotion (Replaced by 53ER21-21) 7/2/2020
Rule file 53ER20-60 Experience Power Play® Promotion (Replaced by 53ER21-21) 7/9/2020
Rule file 53ER20-61 Game Number 1458, 20X CROSSWORD 7/23/2020
Rule file 53ER20-62 7-11-21® (Replaced by 53ER21-41) 8/3/2020
Rule file 53ER20-63 GOLD RUSH CROSSWORD (Replaced by 53ER21-41) 8/3/2020
Rule file 53ER20-64 WIN IT ALL 8/3/2020
Rule file 53ER20-65 Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules (Replaced by 53ER21-21) 7/30/2020
Rule file 53ER20-66 Game Number 1463, NEON 7s 8/13/2020
Rule file 53ER20-67 Game Number 5018, FULL OF $200s 8/13/2020
Rule file 53ER20-68 Game Number 1464, POWER PLAY® CASHWORD 8/13/2020
Rule file 53ER20-69 Game Number 1465, BONUS TRIPLE MATCH 8/13/2020
Rule file 53ER20-70 Bonus Cash Fridays Promotion (Replaced by 53ER21-41) 9/2/2020
Rule file 53ER20-71 Game Number 1466, 10X THE CASH 9/17/2020
Rule file 53ER20-72 Game Number 1467, 20X THE CASH 9/17/2020
Rule file 53ER20-73 Game Number 1468, 50X THE CASH 9/17/2020
Rule file 53ER20-74 Game Number 1469, 100X THE CASH 9/17/2020
Rule file 53ER20-75 Game Number 1470, 200X THE CASH 9/17/2020
Rule file 53ER20-76 FLORIDA LOTTO® 10/8/2020
Rule file 53ER20-77 Payment of Prizes (Replaced by 53ER21-3) 10/8/2020
Rule file 53ER20-78 FLORIDA LOTTO® Free Ticket Promotion (Replaced by 53ER21-21) 10/8/2020
Rule file 53ER20-79 FLORIDA LOTTO® Rebrand Retailer Promotion (Replaced by 53ER21-41) 10/8/2020
Rule file 53ER20-80 Draw Games Drawing Procedures (Replaced by 53ER21-13) 10/8/2020
Rule file 53ER20-81 POWERBALL® First Millionaire of the Year Promotion (Replaced by 53ER21-41) 10/8/2020
Rule file 53ER20-82 Game Number 1471, $10,000 HOLIDAY CASH 10/22/2020
Rule file 53ER20-83 Game Number 1472, NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CHRISTMAS VACATION™ 10/22/2020
Rule file 53ER20-84 Game Number 1473, $1,000,000 MONEY TREE 10/22/2020
Rule file 53ER20-85 Game Number 1474, HOLIDAY CASH BLOWOUT 10/22/2020
Rule file 53ER20-86 Holiday Bonus Play Promotion (Replaced by 53ER21-41) 10/22/2020
Rule file 53ER20-87 Game Number1475, CASH CELEBRATION 12/3/2020
Rule file 53ER20-88 Game Number 1476, LOTERIA™ 12/3/2020
Rule file 53ER20-89 Game Number 5019, DIAMOND MINE 9X 12/3/2020
Rule file 53ER20-90 Game Number 1477, $2,000,000 50X CASHWORD 12/3/2020