Rule Chapter: 53ER21-
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 53ER21-1 PICK Daily Games™ Advance Play 1/4/2021
Rule file 53ER21-2 Retailer Accountability 1/6/2021
Rule file 53ER21-3 Payment of Prizes (Replaced by 53ER21-34) 1/6/2021
Rule file 53ER21-4 Game Number 1478, $1 GOLD RUSH SUPREME 1/14/2021
Rule file 53ER21-5 Game Number 1479, $2 GOLD RUSH SUPREME 1/14/2021
Rule file 53ER21-6 Game Number 1480, $5 GOLD RUSH SUPREME 1/14/2021
Rule file 53ER21-7 Game Number 1481, $10 GOLD RUSH SUPREME 1/14/2021
Rule file 53ER21-8 Gold Rush Supreme Bonus Play Promotion 1/14/2021
Rule file 53ER21-9 PICK 2™ 1/18/2021
Rule file 53ER21-10 PICK 3™ 1/18/2021
Rule file 53ER21-11 PICK 4™ 1/18/2021
Rule file 53ER21-12 PICK 5™ 1/18/2021
Rule file 53ER21-13 Draw Games Drawing Procedures (Replaced by 53ER21-67) 1/18/2021
Rule file 53ER21-14 PICK Daily Games™ Advance Play Amendment 1/19/2021
Rule file 53ER21-15 Florida Jackpots Bonus Play Promotion (Replaced by 53ER21-41) 1/28/2021
Rule file 53ER21-16 Game Number 1482, HIT $50! 2/18/2021
Rule file 53ER21-17 Game Number 1483, MONEY MATCH 2/18/2021
Rule file 53ER21-18 Game Number 1484, PAY ME! 2/18/2021
Rule file 53ER21-19 Game Number 1485, BILLION DOLLAR GOLD RUSH SUPREME 2/18/2021
Rule file 53ER21-20 POWERBALL® Advance Play (Replaced by 53ER21-47) 2/24/2021
Rule file 53ER21-21 Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules 2/22/2021
Rule file 53ER21-22 FAST CASH 3/15/2021
Rule file 53ER21-23 HONEYCOMB 3/15/2021
Rule file 53ER21-24 LUCKY 7s 3/15/2021
Rule file 53ER21-25 Game Number 1486, LADY LUCK 4/1/2021
Rule file 53ER21-26 Game Number 1487, PAYOUT TRIPLER 4/1/2021
Rule file 53ER21-27 Game Number 1488, MONEY MULTIPLIER 4/1/2021
Rule file 53ER21-28 Game Number 1494, CASH CLUB 4/1/2021
Rule file 53ER21-29 Game Number 5020, 2 FOR $1 5/13/2021
Rule file 53ER21-30 Game Number 5021, JEWEL 7s DOUBLER 5/13/2021
Rule file 53ER21-31 Game Number 1489, 5X BINGO 5/13/2021
Rule file 53ER21-32 Game Number 1456, GUY HARVEY $500,000 FLORIDA CASH 5/13/2021
Rule file 53ER21-33 Trucks, Bucks and Trips Promotion 5/17/2021
Rule file 53ER21-34 Payment of Prizes 6/1/2021
Rule file 53ER21-35 PICK PLUS FIREBALL Increased Payout Promotion 6/7/2021
Rule file 53ER21-36 PICK Daily Games™ Retailer Double Bonus Commission Promotion 6/7/2021
Rule file 53ER21-37 Game Number 1490, $500 A WEEK FOR LIFE 7/1/2021
Rule file 53ER21-38 Game Number 1491, $1,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE 7/1/2021
Rule file 53ER21-39 Game Number 1492, $2,500 A WEEK FOR LIFE 7/1/2021
Rule file 53ER21-40 Game Number 1493, $5,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE 7/1/2021
Rule file 53ER21-41 Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules 7/16/2021
Rule file 53ER21-42 Game Number 5022, 3 TIMES LUCKY 8/12/2021
Rule file 53ER21-43 Game Number 1495, MAGIC 8 BALL™ 8/12/2021
Rule file 53ER21-44 Game Number 1497, TRIPLE CROSSWORD 8/12/2021
Rule file 53ER21-45 Game Number 1499, CROSSWORD CASH 8/12/2021
Rule file 53ER21-46 Game Number 7018, STRUCK BY LUCK 8/12/2021
Rule file 53ER21-47 POWERBALL® 8/22/2021
Rule file 53ER21-48 POWERBALL® First Millionaire of the Year® Promotion 8/22/2021
Rule file 53ER21-49 Game Number 1496, HOT DICE 9/16/2021
Rule file 53ER21-50 Game Number 1498, MONEY MONEY MONEY 9/16/2021
Rule file 53ER21-51 Game Number 1500, $500 LOADED! 9/16/2021
Rule file 53ER21-52 Game Number 1501, GOLD RUSH LIMITED 9/16/2021
Rule file 53ER21-53 CASH STASH 9/30/2021
Rule file 53ER21-54 $50,000 CASH DOUBLER 9/30/2021
Rule file 53ER21-55 9s IN A LINE 9/30/2021
Rule file 53ER21-56 Game Number 5023, $10,000 Holiday Winnings 10/28/2021
Rule file 53ER21-57 Game Number 5024, $50,000 Holiday Winnings 10/28/2021
Rule file 53ER21-58 Game Number 5025, $1,000,000 Holiday Winnings 10/28/2021
Rule file 53ER21-59 Game Number 7019, Holiday Winnings Blowout 10/28/2021
Rule file 53ER21-60 Bonus Play Getaway Promotion 10/28/2021
Rule file 53ER21-62 Game Number 1502, PERFECT 10s 12/2/2021
Rule file 53ER21-63 Game Number 1503, 2022 TAXES PAID 12/2/2021
Rule file 53ER21-64 Game Number 1504, LOTERIATM 12/2/2021
Rule file 53ER21-65 Game Number 1505, WIN IT ALL 12/2/2021
Rule file 53ER21-66 CASH POPTM 12/28/2021
Rule file 53ER21-67 Draw Games Drawing Procedures 12/28/2021