Rule Chapter: 53ER95
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 53ER95-1 Retailer Incentive Flamingo Bingo (Replaced by 53ER95-41) 1/25/1995
Rule file 53ER95-2 Instant Bingo Game No. 04 "WILD FLAMINGO BINGO" (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 1/25/1995
Rule file 53ER95-3 Instant Game 93 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER95-41) 2/8/1995
Rule file 53ER95-4 Instant Game 94 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER96-20) 2/8/1995
Rule file 53ER95-5 Instant Game 95 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER96-20) 2/8/1995
Rule file 53ER95-6 Instant Game 21 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 2/23/1995
Rule file 53ER95-7 Instant Game 97 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 3/3/1995
Rule file 53ER95-8 Instant Game 20 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 3/3/1995
Rule file 53ER95-9 Instant Game 73 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 3/3/1995
Rule file 53ER95-10 LOTTOMOBILE II and Universal Studios Florida Promotion (Replaced by 53ER95-41) 3/9/1995
Rule file 53ER95-11 Retailer LOTTOMOBILE II Sales Contest (Replaced by 53ER95-41) 3/21/1995
Rule file 53ER95-12 Instant Game 96 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER96-20) 4/12/1995
Rule file 53ER95-13 Instant Game 90 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 4/12/1995
Rule file 53ER95-14 Instant Game 22 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER96-20) 4/24/1995
Rule file 53ER95-15 Instant Game 23 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 4/27/1995
Rule file 53ER95-16 Replacement of Obsolete and Unnecessary Emergency Rules (Replaces 53ER87-1, 53ER87-2, 53ER87-3, 53ER87-6, 53ER87-7, 53ER87-9, 53ER87-15, 53ER87-17, 53ER87-22, 53ER87-27, 53ER87-28, 53ER87-29, 53ER87-30, 53ER87-39, 53ER88-3, 53ER88-4, 53ER88-5, 53ER88-6, 53ER88-7, 53ER88-8, 53ER88-9, 53ER88-10, 53ER88-11, 53ER88-12, 53ER88-15, 53ER88-17, 53ER88-18, 53ER88-19, 53ER88-20, 53ER88-21, 53ER88-22, 53ER88-23, 53ER88-24, 53ER88-25, 53ER88-28, 53ER88-29, 53ER88-39, 53ER88-40, 53ER88-43, 53ER88-45, 53ER88-46, 53ER88-47, 53ER88-48, 53ER88-49, 53ER88-50, 53ER88-51, 53ER88-52, 53ER88-53, 53ER88-54, 53ER88-55, 53ER88-56, 53ER88-57, 53ER88-58, 53ER88-59, 53ER88-60, 53ER88-61, 53ER88-62, 53ER88-63, 53ER88-64, 53ER88-68, 53ER88-70, 53ER88-71, 53ER88-72, 53ER88-73, 53ER88-74, 53ER88-75, 53ER88-76, 53ER88-77, 53ER88-79, 53ER89-2, 53ER89-3, 53ER89-4, 53ER89-5, 53ER89-6, 53ER89-7, 53ER89-8, 53ER89-15, 53ER89-18, 53ER89-33, 53ER89-34, 53ER89-35, 53ER89-36, 53ER89-37, 53ER89-40, 53ER89-41, 53ER89-42, 53ER89-43, 53ER89-44, 53ER89-45, 53ER89-46, 53ER89-47, 53ER89-48, 53ER89-49, 53ER89-50, 53ER89-51, 53ER89-52, 53ER89-53, 53ER89-54, 53ER89-56, 53ER89-57, 53ER90-1, 53ER90-2, 53ER90-3, 53ER90-16, 53ER90-17, 53ER90-18, 53ER90-19, 53ER90-20, 53ER90-21, 53ER90-22, 53ER90-23, 53ER90-24, 53ER90-26, 53ER90-27, 53ER90-28, 53ER90-29, 53ER90-30, 53ER90-31, 53ER90-32, 53ER90-33, 53ER90-34, 53ER90-35, 53ER90-37, 53ER90-41, 53ER90-42, 53ER90-43, 53ER90-50, 53ER90-51, 53ER90-52, 53ER90-59, 53ER91-1, 53ER91-2, 53ER91-3, 53ER91-4, 53ER91-5, 53ER91-6, 53ER91-7, 53ER91-8, 53ER91-9, 53ER91-11, 53ER91-12, 53ER91-13, 53ER91-17, 53ER91-18, 53ER91-19, 53ER91-21, 53ER91-22, 53ER91-23, 53ER91-26, 53ER91-27, 53ER91-28, 53ER91-29, 53ER91-30, 53ER91-31, 53ER91-32, 53ER91-34, 53ER91-35, 53ER91-36, 53ER91-37, 53ER91-38, 53ER91-39, 53ER91-40, 53ER91-41, 53ER91-42, 53ER91-43, 53ER91-44, 53ER91-45, 53ER91-46, 53ER91-47, 53ER91-48, 53ER91-49, 53ER91-50, 53ER91-51, 53ER91-52, 53ER91-53, 53ER91-55, 53ER92-1, 53ER92-2, 53ER92-3, 53ER92-4, 53ER92-5, 53ER92-6, 53ER92-7, 53ER92-8, 53ER92-9, 53ER92-10, 53ER92-11, 53ER92-12, 53ER92-13, 53ER92-14, 53ER92-15, 53ER92-16, 53ER92-18, 53ER92-19, 53ER92-20, 53ER92-24, 53ER92-25, 53ER92-26, 53ER92-27, 53ER92-28, 53ER92-29, 53ER92-30, 53ER92-31, 53ER92-44, 53ER92-45, 53ER92-53, 53ER92-67, 53ER92-68, 53ER92-69, 53ER92-70, 53ER92-71, 53ER92-72, 53ER92-75, 53ER92-76, 53ER92-77, 53ER92-78, 53ER92-79, 53ER92-80, 53ER92-81, 53ER92-82, 53ER92-83, 53ER92-84, 53ER92-85, 53ER92-86, 53ER92-87, 53ER92-88, 53ER92-89, 53ER92-91, 53ER92-93, 53ER92-94, 53ER92-95, 53ER93-1, 53ER93-2, 53ER93-3, 53ER93-4, 53ER93-5, 53ER93-6, 53ER93-7, 53ER93-8, 53ER93-9, 53ER93-10, 53ER93-11, 53ER93-12, 53ER93-13, 53ER93-17, 53ER93-18, 53ER93-19, 53ER93-20, 53ER93-21, 53ER93-22, 53ER93-23, 53ER93-25, 53ER93-26, 53ER93-27, 53ER93-28, 53ER93-29, 53ER93-30, 53ER93-31, 53ER93-32, 53ER93-33, 53ER93-34, 53ER93-35, 53ER93-36, 53ER93-37, 53ER93-40, 53ER93-43, 53ER93-45, 53ER93-47, 53ER93-48, 53ER93-49, 53ER93-50, 53ER93-51, 53ER93-52, 53ER93-53, 53ER93-55, 53ER93-57, 53ER93-58, 53ER93-59, 53ER93-60, 53ER93-61, 53ER93-69, 53ER93-70, 53ER93-71, 53ER93-72, 53ER93-73, 53ER93-74, 53ER93-75, 53ER93-76, 53ER93-77, 53ER93-78, 53ER93-79, 53ER93-82, 53ER93-83, 53ER93-84, 53ER94-1, 53ER94-3, 53ER94-4, 53ER94-5, 53ER94-6, 53ER94-7, 53ER94-8, 53ER94-9, 53ER94-10, 53ER94-11, 53ER94-12, 53ER94-32, 53ER94-39, 53ER94-40, 53ER94-41, 53ER94-42, 53ER94-43, 53ER94-44, 53ER94-45, 53ER94-46, 53ER94-47, 53ER94-49, 53ER94-50, 53ER94-51, 53ER94-52, 53ER94-53, 53ER94-56, 53ER94-63, 53ER94-64, 53ER94-65, 53ER94-66, 53ER94-67, 53ER94-68, 53ER94-70, 53ER94-71, 53ER94-72, 53ER94-73, 53ER94-74, 53ER94-75, 53ER94-76, 53ER94-77, 53ER94-78, 53ER94-81) (Replaced by 53ER95-41) 6/15/1995
Rule file 53ER95-17 Instant Game 92 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER96-20) 6/6/1995
Rule file 53ER95-18 Retailer Instant Ticket Sales Promotion (Spring Into Summer '95) (Replaced by 53ER95-41) 5/16/1995
Rule file 53ER95-19 CASH 3, PLAY 4 and NEW FANTASY 5 Sales Contest (The Main Event) (Replaced by 53ER95-41) 4/27/1995
Rule file 53ER95-20 Instant Game 24 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 5/11/1995
Rule file 53ER95-21 Instant Game 25 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 5/11/1995
Rule file 53ER95-22 LOTTOMOBILE II Vehicle Presentation (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 5/11/1995
Rule file 53ER95-23 FLORIDA LOTTO and NEW FANTASY 5 Breakage (Replaces 53-28.003(6), 53-29.003(5)) (Replaced by 53ER97-38) 5/22/1995
Rule file 53ER95-24 Instant Game 26 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 6/27/1995
Rule file 53ER95-25 Instant Game 28 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 6/15/1995
Rule file 53ER95-26 Instant Game 06 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 9/18/1995
Rule file 53ER95-27 Procedures for Awarding Prizes (Replaces 53ER94-79) (Replaced by 53ER98-6) 7/7/1995
Rule file 53ER95-28 Instant Game 30 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 7/21/1995
Rule file 53ER95-29 Instant Game 32 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 8/10/1995
Rule file 53ER95-30 Florida Lottery's Flamingo Fortune Television Game Show (Replaced by 53ER95-33) 8/29/1995
Rule file 53ER95-31 Instant Game 33 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 8/28/1995
Rule file 53ER95-32 Instant Game 27 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 8/28/1995
Rule file 53ER95-33 Florida Lottery's Flamingo Fortune Game Show Replaces 53ER95-30) (Replaced by 53ER95-44) 10/6/1995
Rule file 53ER95-34 Instant Bingo Game No. 05 "BONUS BINGO" (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 10/6/1995
Rule file 53ER95-35 Instant Game 29 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 10/6/1995
Rule file 53ER95-36 Flamingo Fortune Bonus Commission (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 10/13/1995
Rule file 53ER95-37 Instant Game 35 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 10/13/1995
Rule file 53ER95-38 Instant Game 31 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 10/13/1995
Rule file 53ER95-41 Replacement of Obsolete and Unnecessary Emergency Rules (Replaces 53ER87-41, 53ER87-44, 53ER88-30, 53ER89-12, 53ER90-25, 53ER92-57, 53ER92-59, 53ER92-60, 53ER92-73, 53ER93-62, 53ER94-80, 53ER94-82, 53ER95-1, 53ER95-3, 53ER95-10, 53ER95-11, 53ER95-16, 53ER95-18, 53ER95-19, 53ER95-22, 53ER95-23) (Replaced by 53ER06-14) 10/20/1995
Rule file 53ER95-42 Instant Game 36 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 10/31/1995
Rule file 53ER95-43 Instant Game 07 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER96-20) 10/31/1995
Rule file 53ER95-44 Florida Lottery's Flamingo Fortune Game Show (Replaces 53ER95-33) (Replaced by 53ER96-9) 10/31/1995
Rule file 53ER95-45 Instant Game 37 Specifics (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 11/22/1995
Rule file 53ER95-46 1995 Holiday Bonus Promotion (Replaced by 53ER97-26) 11/22/1995
Rule file 53ER95-47 Retailer FLORIDA LOTTO Bonus Commission (Replaced by 53ER96-6) 11/22/1995
Rule file 53ER95-48 Retailer Application and Fee Schedule (Replaces 53ER94-57) (Replaced by 53ER01-3) 12/22/1995
Rule file 53ER95-49 Replacement of Rule 53ER94-20, Retailer Minimum Sales Requirements (Replaced by 53ER97-38) 12/22/1995