Rule Chapter: 59G-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 59G-1.001 Purpose 4/29/1993
Rule file 59G-1.010 Definitions 9/18/2017
Rule file 59G-1.020 Definition of County of Residence 10/23/2012
Rule file 59G-1.025 Medicaid County Billing (Repealed) 2/23/2016
Rule file 59G-1.035 Determining Generally Accepted Professional Medical Standards 9/28/2015
Rule file 59G-1.036 Clinical Trials 4/4/2016
Rule file 59G-1.040 Preadmission Screening and Resident Review 3/29/2017
Rule file 59G-1.045 Medicaid Forms 2/8/2018
Rule file 59G-1.050 General Medicaid Policy 8/21/2022
Rule file 59G-1.052 Third-Party Liability Requirements 8/14/2018
Rule file 59G-1.053 Authorization Requirements 7/11/2016
Rule file 59G-1.054 Recordkeeping and Documentation Requirements 5/8/2017
Rule file 59G-1.056 Copayments and Coinsurance 7/17/2016
Rule file 59G-1.057 Telemedicine 6/20/2016
Rule file 59G-1.058 Eligibility 8/19/2021
Rule file 59G-1.060 Provider Enrollment Policy 2/9/2022
Rule file 59G-1.100 Medicaid Fair Hearings 9/24/2018