Rule Chapter: 5B-44
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 5B-44.001 Definitions (Repealed) 7/10/2007
Rule file 5B-44.002 Purpose of Chapter (Repealed) 7/10/2007
Rule file 5B-44.003 Injurious Nematodes of Citrus (Repealed) 7/10/2007
Rule file 5B-44.004 Designation of Regulated Articles (Repealed) 7/10/2007
Rule file 5B-44.008 Movement of Regulated Articles (Repealed) 7/10/2007
Rule file 5B-44.0113 Requirements for Citrus Nursery Site Approval (Repealed) 7/10/2007
Rule file 5B-44.0116 Requirements for Nematode (BN) Certification of Regulated Articles (Repealed) 7/10/2007
Rule file 5B-44.0118 Requirements for Soil Pit Approval (Repealed) 7/10/2007
Rule file 5B-44.0125 Disposition of Citrus Nursery Sites and Regulated Articles Including Citrus Nursery Stock (Repealed) 7/10/2007
Rule file 5B-44.0135 Requirements for Utility and Road Construction (Repealed) 7/10/2007