Rule Chapter: 5C-3
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 5C-3.001 Definitions 1/31/2021
Rule file 5C-3.002 General Requirements and Limitations 8/19/2019
Rule file 5C-3.003 Equine 8/19/2019
Rule file 5C-3.004 Cattle or Bison 1/31/2021
Rule file 5C-3.005 Goats or Sheep 8/19/2019
Rule file 5C-3.007 Swine 8/19/2019
Rule file 5C-3.009 Dogs or Cats 8/19/2019
Rule file 5C-3.011 Cervids (Farmed or Captive) 8/19/2019
Rule file 5C-3.012 Domestic Fowl, Poultry, Poultry Products and Ratites 1/31/2021
Rule file 5C-3.014 Elephants 8/19/2019
Rule file 5C-3.015 Rabbits 1/31/2021