Rule Chapter: 5C-6
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 5C-6.0011 Laboratory Testing Procedures and Interpretation 7/5/1995
Rule file 5C-6.0013 Identification of Tested Cattle and Bison 6/1/1992
Rule file 5C-6.0014 Calf Vaccination 6/1/1992
Rule file 5C-6.0015 Reactors and Suspects 7/5/1995
Rule file 5C-6.0017 Movement of Animals from Infected Herds 6/1/1992
Rule file 5C-6.0018 Report of Testing, Vaccinating, Tagging and Branding 6/1/1992
Rule file 5C-6.0019 Herd and Premise Management 6/1/1992
Rule file 5C-6.00191 Market Cattle Identification, Testing, and Traceback 4/10/1994
Rule file 5C-6.00192 Herds and Herd Status 6/1/1992
Rule file 5C-6.00194 Deadline Exceptions 6/1/1992
Rule file 5C-6.002 Certified Brucellosis-Free Herd Plan 6/1/1992
Rule file 5C-6.0021 Whole Herd Vaccination Plan 6/1/1992
Rule file 5C-6.0032 Class A Area 7/5/1995
Rule file 5C-6.005 Quarantined Feedlots and Quarantined Pastures 7/5/1995
Rule file 5C-6.006 Purpose and Requirements - Swine Brucellosis 6/1/1992
Rule file 5C-6.007 Handling of Infected Swine Herds 6/1/1992