Rule Chapter: 5E-2
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 5E-2.0105 Definitions 5/7/2017
Rule file 5E-2.011 General Labeling Requirements for Pesticides 7/18/1995
Rule file 5E-2.014 Sampling of Pesticides 9/30/2021
Rule file 5E-2.015 Methods of Analyses 9/30/2021
Rule file 5E-2.016 Pesticide Deficiency Tolerances 7/18/1995
Rule file 5E-2.021 Specifications for Citrus Spray Oils 8/31/1988
Rule file 5E-2.022 Storage of Restricted Use Pesticides 7/18/1995
Rule file 5E-2.027 Nonagricultural Chemicals Subject to Penalty 7/18/1995
Rule file 5E-2.028 Restrictions on Use and Sale of Aldicarb; Permit Requirements and Procedures; Department Approval; Records; Penalties 9/18/2008
Rule file 5E-2.031 Pesticide Registration; Exemptions from Registration; Experimental Use Permits 11/3/2021
Rule file 5E-2.0311 Performance Standards and Acceptable Test Conditions for Preventive Termite Treatments for New Construction 12/16/2003
Rule file 5E-2.0312 Additional Registration Requirements for Registrants of Structural Fumigants Labeled for Application to Residential Structures 5/7/2017
Rule file 5E-2.033 Organo-Auxin Herbicides: Restrictions and Prohibitions 9/30/2021
Rule file 5E-2.035 Organotin Antifouling Paints; Restrictions and Prohibitions 8/2/1989
Rule file 5E-2.036 Restrictions on the Use of Methyl Bromide as a Soil Fumigant; Application Equipment Requirements (Repealed) 6/26/2012
Rule file 5E-2.037 Prohibition of Alachlor Use 7/18/1995
Rule file 5E-2.038 Restrictions on Use of Bromacil in Citrus; Penalties 7/18/1995
Rule file 5E-2.039 Worker Protection Standard 5/30/2018
Rule file 5E-2.040 Pesticide Active Ingredients Subject to Supplemental Registration Fee (Repealed) 12/17/2017
Rule file 5E-2.041 Materials Incorporated by Reference 5/30/2018
Rule file 5E-2.042 Secondary Containment Standards 8/3/2010
Rule file 5E-2.043 Restrictions for the use of Allyl Isothiocyanate 4/16/2015