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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 5E-3.001 Brand and Product Names 12/30/1970
Rule file 5E-3.002 Expression of Guarantees 6/1/1995
Rule file 5E-3.003 Inspection; Sampling; Analysis; Reporting Rejected Feed and Feedstuff; Reduced Sampling Requirements; Laboratory Certification/Exemption Requirements and Fees 1/1/2020
Rule file 5E-3.004 Ingredient Statement 1/1/2020
Rule file 5E-3.005 Labels 1/1/2020
Rule file 5E-3.006 Minerals 3/5/1989
Rule file 5E-3.007 Urea and Ammonium Compounds 12/30/1970
Rule file 5E-3.008 Medicated Feed 11/14/2001
Rule file 5E-3.009 Nonnutritive Ingredients 12/30/1970
Rule file 5E-3.011 Sterilization of Anthrax-producing Organisms in Certain Products 12/30/1970
Rule file 5E-3.013 Minimum Standards for Feed Materials 11/14/2001
Rule file 5E-3.014 Customer-Formula Feed 11/14/2001
Rule file 5E-3.015 Master Registration Fees 11/14/2001
Rule file 5E-3.016 Tolerances for Nutrients, Minerals, Medicaments, Aflatoxin, Pesticide Residues and Weight 11/14/2001
Rule file 5E-3.018 Enforcement and Penalties 10/13/2019
Rule file 5E-3.020 Commercial Feed Sales Quarterly Reporting 4/18/2013