Rule Chapter: 5K-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 5K-1.003 Application for Inspection, Fees, Rejection of Application, Updates, Renewal, Official Numbers and Withdrawal of Inspection (Repealed) 12/14/2008
Rule file 5K-1.0051 Schedule of Operations, Water Supply for Cleaning, Application of Pesticides, Vehicles Transporting Animal Products, Permission for Release of Stop-Sale Product, and Retention Tags (Repealed) 12/14/2008
Rule file 5K-1.019 United States Federal Regulations for Mandatory Meat Inspection and Mandatory Poultry Product Inspection, U.S.D.A. Directives, and Parts XI and XII of the State Performance Plan Adopted (Repealed) 12/14/2008
Rule file 5K-1.020 Approved Methods of Humane Slaughter (Repealed) 12/14/2008
Rule file 5K-1.021 Inspection of Nontraditional Livestock - Requirements, Scheduling, Inspection Marks, Fees (Repealed) 12/14/2008