Rule Chapter: 5P-2
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 5P-2.001 Program Participation 9/5/2023
Rule file 5P-2.002 Program Responsibilities 9/5/2023
Rule file 5P-2.003 Procurement Standards 8/9/2023
Rule file 5P-2.004 Reimbursement Process 8/9/2023
Rule file 5P-2.005 Administrative Reviews 8/9/2023
Rule file 5P-2.006 Fiscal Action 8/9/2023
Rule file 5P-2.007 Professional Standards 8/9/2023
Rule file 5P-2.008 Waiver Requests 8/9/2023
Rule file 5P-2.009 Emergency Meals 8/9/2023
Rule file 5P-2.010 Civil Rights Compliance and Enforcement 9/5/2023