Rule Chapter: 60BB-4
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 60BB-4.100 Definitions (Transferred) 4/21/2003
Rule file 60BB-4.200 General Eligibility Provisions (Transferred) 4/21/2003
Rule file 60BB-4.201 Eligibility for Children at Risk of Abuse or Neglect (Transferred) 4/21/2003
Rule file 60BB-4.202 Eligibility for Children at Risk of Welfare Dependency (Transferred) 4/21/2003
Rule file 60BB-4.203 Eligibility for Children in Working Families Whose Income Does Not Exceed 150 Percent of the Federal Poverty Level (Transferred) 4/21/2003
Rule file 60BB-4.204 Eligibility for Three-and Four-year-old Children Who may not be Economically Disadvantaged But Who Have Been Served in a Specific Part-time or Combination of Part-time Exceptional Education Programs With Required Special Services, Aids, or Equipment, and Were Previously Reported for Funding Part-Time With the Florida Education Finance Program as Exceptional Students (Transferred) 4/21/2003
Rule file 60BB-4.205 Economically Disadvantaged Children, Children With Disabilities, and Children at Risk of Future School Failure, From Birth to Four (4) Years of Age, Who are Served at Home Through Home Visitor Programs and Intensive Parent Education Programs Such as the Florida First Start Program (Transferred) 4/21/2003
Rule file 60BB-4.206 Eligibility for Children Who Meet Federal and State Requirements for Eligibility for the Migrant Preschool Program but Who do not Meet the Criteria of Economically Disadvantaged (Transferred) 4/21/2003
Rule file 60BB-4.207 Eligibility for Children in the Relative Caregiver Program (Transferred) 4/21/2003
Rule file 60BB-4.208 Verification of Employment and Income (Transferred) 4/21/2003
Rule file 60BB-4.209 Redetermination of Eligibility for Financial Assistance (Transferred) 4/21/2003
Rule file 60BB-4.210 Maintaining Eligibility for Financial Assistance; Breaks in Employment (Transferred) 4/21/2003
Rule file 60BB-4.300 Waiting List Procedures (Transferred) 4/21/2003
Rule file 60BB-4.400 Required Parent Co-payment (Transferred) 2/2/2005
Rule file 60BB-4.401 Co-payment Collection (Transferred) 2/2/2005
Rule file 60BB-4.500 Reimbursement-General Provisions Regarding Reimbursements for Holidays and Absences (Transferred) 2/2/2005
Rule file 60BB-4.501 Reimbursement During Emergency Closures (Transferred) 2/2/2005
Rule file 60BB-4.502 Records to be Maintained and Monitoring for Reimbursements (Transferred) 2/2/2005
Rule file 60BB-4.503 Misrepresentation or Fraud Regarding Reimbursement (Transferred) 2/2/2005
Rule file 60BB-4.997 General Information (Repealed) 3/4/2007
Rule file 60BB-4.998 Program Guidelines (Repealed) 3/4/2007
Rule file 60BB-4.999 Allocation Methodology (Repealed) 3/4/2007