Rule Chapter: 60S-1
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 60S-1.001 Scope and Purpose (Repealed) 12/22/2015
Rule file 60S-1.002 Statements of Policy 3/25/2013
Rule file 60S-1.003 Preservation of Rights (Repealed) 1/31/2018
Rule file 60S-1.004 Participation 6/28/2018
Rule file 60S-1.0045 Renewed Membership in the Regular Class and Senior Management Service Class (Repealed) 1/31/2018
Rule file 60S-1.005 Special Risk Class; Legislative Intent and Procedures 4/5/2012
Rule file 60S-1.0051 Criteria for Special Risk Class Membership - Law Enforcement (Repealed) 1/31/2018
Rule file 60S-1.0052 Criteria for Special Risk Class Membership - Firefighters (Repealed) 1/31/2018
Rule file 60S-1.0053 Criteria for Special Risk Class Membership - Correctional Officers 12/30/2014
Rule file 60S-1.00535 Criteria for Special Risk Class Membership - Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics (Repealed) 1/31/2018
Rule file 60S-1.00537 Criteria for Specific Risk Class Memebership-Certain Professional Health Care Workers (Repealed) 1/31/2018
Rule file 60S-1.00539 Criteria for Special Risk Class Memebership- Forensic Disciplines (Repealed) 1/31/2018
Rule file 60S-1.0054 Special Risk Administrative Support Class 4/5/2012
Rule file 60S-1.0055 Elected Officers' Class (Repealed) 1/31/2018
Rule file 60S-1.0057 Senior Management Service Class (SMSC) 6/28/2018
Rule file 60S-1.007 Admission of Cities, Independent Special Districts, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, Public Charter Schools and Public Charter Technical Career Centers to the Florida Retirement System 3/25/2013
Rule file 60S-1.0075 Transfer, Merger, or Consolidation of Governmental Units, Services, or Functions 6/28/2018
Rule file 60S-1.008 Retirement Membership for Dual Employment (Repealed) 1/31/2018