Rule Chapter: 60S-3
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 60S-3.001 Scope and Purpose (Repealed) 12/22/2015
Rule file 60S-3.002 Statements of Policy 4/5/2012
Rule file 60S-3.003 Retirement Contributions for Regular, Special Risk, Elected Officer, Special Risk Administrative Support and Senior Management Service Classes of the Pension and Investment Plans of the Florida Retirement System; Contributions for the Retiree Health Insurance Subsidy; and Contributions for the Deferred Retirement Option Program (Repealed) 3/2/2017
Rule file 60S-3.0035 Interest Rate on Payments for Creditable Service (Repealed) 1/10/2017
Rule file 60S-3.004 Retirement Contributions for Past Service Credit (Repealed) 3/2/2017
Rule file 60S-3.005 Retirement Contributions for Prior Service Credit (Repealed) 3/2/2017
Rule file 60S-3.006 Retirement Contributions for Military Service Credit (Repealed) 3/2/2017
Rule file 60S-3.007 Retirement Contributions for Leave of Absence Credit 4/5/2012
Rule file 60S-3.008 Retirement Contributions for Out-of-State and In-State Service Credit 8/13/2003
Rule file 60S-3.009 Contributions for Service Earned After Retirement 2/24/1999
Rule file 60S-3.010 Contributions for Social Security (Repealed) 3/2/2017
Rule file 60S-3.011 Payment of Contributions 3/25/2013
Rule file 60S-3.012 Retirement Contributions for Creditable Service Upon the Death of a Member 8/13/2003
Rule file 60S-3.013 Retirement Contributions for Upgraded Previous Service Credit 4/5/2012
Rule file 60S-3.014 Retirement Contributions for Service Credit for a Period of Suspension Without Pay or Rescinded Dismissal 2/24/1999
Rule file 60S-3.015 Retirement Contributions for Retroactive Special Risk Class Service (Repealed) 1/31/2018
Rule file 60S-3.016 Retirement Contributions for Terms of Elected Office Shortened by Apportionment, Federal Intervention, or Compulsory Termination Because of Age (Repealed) 1/31/2018
Rule file 60S-3.017 Retirement Contributions for Periods of Disability (Repealed) 1/31/2018