Rule Chapter: 61D-14
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61D-14.001 General Definitions (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.002 Application Requirements (Transferred) 9/1/2020
Rule file 61D-14.003 Renewal of Slot Machine Licenses (Transferred) 9/26/2013
Rule file 61D-14.004 Denial Criteria for Applications and Renewals (Transferred) 6/25/2006
Rule file 61D-14.005 Occupational License Requirements for Individual Persons (Transferred) 9/1/2020
Rule file 61D-14.0055 Temporary Slot Machine Occupational License (Transferred) 9/1/2020
Rule file 61D-14.006 Occupational License Application Requirements for Business Entities (Transferred) 9/1/2020
Rule file 61D-14.007 Business Occupational License Requirements for an Independent Testing Laboratory (Transferred) 8/14/2011
Rule file 61D-14.008 Occupational License Renewal Application (Transferred) 9/1/2020
Rule file 61D-14.009 Denial Criteria for Occupational License Application or Renewal (Transferred) 9/1/2020
Rule file 61D-14.010 Identification of the Occupational License Applicant (Transferred) 9/1/2020
Rule file 61D-14.011 Occupational License and Fingerprint Fees (Transferred) 9/1/2020
Rule file 61D-14.012 Change of Position, Place of Work, Name, or Address (Transferred) 9/1/2020
Rule file 61D-14.013 Pari-Mutuel Occupational License Transition Period Provisions (Repealed) 9/12/2012
Rule file 61D-14.014 Occupational Licensee Termination List (Transferred) 6/25/2006
Rule file 61D-14.015 Slot Machine Licensee Organizational Structure (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.016 Operational Requirements (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.017 Days and Hours of Operation (Repealed) 9/26/2013
Rule file 61D-14.018 State Office Space Requirements (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.019 Compulsive or Addictive Gambling Prevention Program (Transferred) 7/30/2006
Rule file 61D-14.020 Excluded Persons (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.0211 Server Based Gaming Systems (SBGS) and Server Supported Gaming Systems (SSGS) (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.022 Slot Machine, Slot Machine Component, and Progressive System Requirements (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.023 Slot Machine Base Doors (Repealed) 9/12/2012
Rule file 61D-14.024 Logic Compartment (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.025 Currency Compartments (Transferred) 6/25/2006
Rule file 61D-14.026 Cabinet Wiring (Repealed) 9/12/2012
Rule file 61D-14.028 Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Identification (Repealed) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.029 Mechanical Devices Used for Displaying Game Outcomes (Transferred) 6/25/2006
Rule file 61D-14.030 Video Monitors/Touchscreens (Transferred) 6/25/2006
Rule file 61D-14.031 Bill Acceptors (Transferred) 6/25/2006
Rule file 61D-14.032 Progressive System Requirements (Transferred) 2/19/2018
Rule file 61D-14.033 Progressive Displays and Controllers (Transferred) 8/14/2011
Rule file 61D-14.034 Progressive Jackpots (Transferred) 8/14/2011
Rule file 61D-14.036 Slot Machine Tournament (Transferred) 6/21/2010
Rule file 61D-14.037 Games with Bonus Features, Multiple Win Lines, Prizes (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.038 Percentage Payout and Odds (Transferred) 8/14/2011
Rule file 61D-14.039 Credit Redemption, Meter, Cancel Credit, and Taxation Reporting Limits (Transferred) 7/5/2006
Rule file 61D-14.040 Game Cycle, Payment of Credits by Ticket Printer, and Ticket Redemption (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.041 Randomness Requirements and Game Play Auditing (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.042 Accounting and Occurrence Meter Specifications (Transferred) 9/12/2012
Rule file 61D-14.043 Transaction Log, Accountability of Bills/Tickets, Bill Acceptor Recall, and Number of Last Plays Required (Transferred) 6/25/2006
Rule file 61D-14.044 Identification of Program Storage Media, and Slot Machine Technical Requirements (Transferred) 9/26/2013
Rule file 61D-14.046 Facility Based Monitoring System Functionality (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.047 Facility Based Monitoring System and Computer Diagnostics (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.048 Facility Based Monitoring System Required Reports (Transferred) 8/14/2011
Rule file 61D-14.050 Floor Plan (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.051 Security Plan (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.052 Electronic Identification and Access Control System (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.053 Key Controls (Transferred) 6/21/2010
Rule file 61D-14.054 Surveillance Equipment (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.055 Storage and Retrieval of Surveillance Recordings (Transferred) 6/25/2006
Rule file 61D-14.056 Security and Surveillance Logs (Transferred) 7/30/2006
Rule file 61D-14.058 Slot Machine Licensees System of Internal Controls (Transferred) 6/25/2006
Rule file 61D-14.059 Slot Machine Licensee Personnel (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.060 Business Entities, Internal Controls and Personnel Records (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.061 Slot Cash Storage Boxes (Transferred) 7/30/2006
Rule file 61D-14.063 Count Rooms (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.065 Procedure for Slot Cash Storage Box Count (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.067 Slot Cashier's Cage and Change Machines (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.069 Accounting and Security Records (Transferred) 6/25/2006
Rule file 61D-14.072 Cashier’s Cage, Satellite Cages, Vaults, and Accounting Controls (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.073 Meter Readings (Transferred) 8/14/2011
Rule file 61D-14.074 Security Requirements, System Access, and Firewalls (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.075 Jackpot Payouts Not Paid Directly From the Slot Machine (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.076 Player Tracking System (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.077 Procedure for Electronic Fund Transfers (Repealed) 9/12/2012
Rule file 61D-14.078 Patron Slot Machine Gaming Accounts (Repealed) 9/12/2012
Rule file 61D-14.079 Resolution of Jackpot Disputes (Transferred) 6/21/2010
Rule file 61D-14.080 Retention, Storage and Destruction of Books, Records, and Documents (Transferred) 9/26/2013
Rule file 61D-14.081 Monthly Remittance Reports (Transferred) 9/26/2013
Rule file 61D-14.082 Annual Financial Report (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.083 Compliance with Federal Reporting Requirements (Repealed) 9/12/2012
Rule file 61D-14.085 Records Regarding Ownership (Transferred) 6/25/2006
Rule file 61D-14.086 Annual Compliance Audit (Repealed) 9/26/2013
Rule file 61D-14.0861 Annual Compliance Audit (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.087 Variance Reports and Response to Division Reports and Audits (Transferred) 6/21/2010
Rule file 61D-14.090 Prohibited Acts (Transferred) 6/25/2006
Rule file 61D-14.091 Jobs Compendium Requirement (Repealed) 9/12/2012
Rule file 61D-14.092 Content of Jobs Compendium (Repealed) 9/12/2012
Rule file 61D-14.094 Department Agreement to the Minimum Critical Staff Level (MCSL) List Requirement for Security and Surveillance (Repealed) 9/12/2012
Rule file 61D-14.096 Requirement for Shipment of All Slot Machines and Software Components (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.097 Responsibility for Control of Slot Machine or Slot Machine Component Shipment (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.098 Slot Machine Seal (Transferred) 5/30/2017
Rule file 61D-14.200 Educational or Training Facilities (Transferred) 9/26/2013
Rule file 61D-14.203 Certified Educational Facility License Application (Transferred) 9/26/2013