Rule Chapter: 61H1-20
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61H1-20.001 Definitions 12/24/2015
Rule file 61H1-20.002 Attest as an Expert in Accountancy to the Reliability or Fairness of Presentation or "Expression of Opinion." 1/11/1995
Rule file 61H1-20.003 Client (Repealed) 3/13/2018
Rule file 61H1-20.004 Enterprise 9/21/2010
Rule file 61H1-20.005 Financial Statements 12/2/1992
Rule file 61H1-20.0051 Assembled Financial Statements (Repealed) 4/22/2019
Rule file 61H1-20.0052 Offer to Perform or Perform Services Involving Assembled Financial Statements (Repealed) 4/22/2019
Rule file 61H1-20.0053 Standards for Assembled Financial Statements (Repealed) 4/22/2019
Rule file 61H1-20.006 Firm or Firms of Certified Public Accountants (Repealed) 11/11/2013
Rule file 61H1-20.007 Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (Repealed) 11/11/2015
Rule file 61H1-20.008 Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (Repealed) 11/11/2015
Rule file 61H1-20.009 Standards for Accounting and Review Services (Repealed) 12/21/2015
Rule file 61H1-20.0092 Government Auditing Standards (Repealed) 11/11/2015
Rule file 61H1-20.0093 Rules of the Auditor General 1/4/2022
Rule file 61H1-20.0095 Standards for Consulting Services (Repealed) 11/11/2015
Rule file 61H1-20.0096 Services for Tax Practice (Repealed) 11/11/2015
Rule file 61H1-20.0097 Standards for Personal Financial Planning (Repealed) 11/11/2015
Rule file 61H1-20.0098 Standards for Business Valuations (Repealed) 11/11/2015
Rule file 61H1-20.0099 Standards for Attestation Engagements (Repealed) 11/11/2015
Rule file 61H1-20.010 Engagement 9/21/2010
Rule file 61H1-20.013 Employee 3/9/2021
Rule file 61H1-20.016 Non-CPA Shareholders, Partners and Members 3/9/2021