Rule Chapter: 61K1-3
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Rule No. Rule Title Effective
Rule file 61K1-3.0001 Definitions 10/25/2020
Rule file 61K1-3.0002 Commission, Commission Employees, Duties and Responsibilities 8/1/2017
Rule file 61K1-3.0003 Executive Director, Duties and Responsibilities 2/22/2013
Rule file 61K1-3.0004 Application Approval, Application Denial, and Disciplinary Action for Amateur Sanctioning Organizations in Boxing, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts 2/23/2010
Rule file 61K1-3.0005 Method of Payment 2/22/2013
Rule file 61K1-3.0006 Administrative Complaints 2/22/2013
Rule file 61K1-3.0007 Forms (Repealed) 1/3/2017
Rule file 61K1-3.001 Licenses, Permits; Requirement, Procedure and Period, Fees, Fight Card Approval 10/25/2020
Rule file 61K1-3.002 Promoter and Matchmaker; Licensing and Bond; Duties and Conduct 10/25/2020
Rule file 61K1-3.004 Physician; License and Duties; Authority 11/16/2010
Rule file 61K1-3.005 Manager; License; Contract Between Manager and Participant 5/12/2004
Rule file 61K1-3.006 Contracts Between Managers and Participants 11/26/2015
Rule file 61K1-3.007 Participant; License; Conduct and Other Requirements 10/27/2016
Rule file 61K1-3.008 Judge; License and Duties 10/14/2018
Rule file 61K1-3.009 Announcer; License and Duties (Repealed) 10/25/2020
Rule file 61K1-3.010 Timekeeper or Knockdown Timekeeper; License and Duties (Repealed) 10/25/2020
Rule file 61K1-3.011 Second; License and Duties 5/12/2004
Rule file 61K1-3.012 Referee; License and Duties 5/12/2004
Rule file 61K1-3.013 Trainer; License and Conduct 5/12/2004
Rule file 61K1-3.015 Insurance 6/1/2004
Rule file 61K1-3.016 Pre-Match Physical of Participant and Referee 4/17/2017
Rule file 61K1-3.0165 Weigh-In 8/5/2015
Rule file 61K1-3.017 Drugs and Foreign Substances 8/15/2019
Rule file 61K1-3.018 Emergency Equipment, Other Equipment and Services 11/26/2015
Rule file 61K1-3.019 Arena Equipment; Ring Requirements; Floor Plan and Apron Seating 10/25/2020
Rule file 61K1-3.020 Post-Match Physical Requirements; Suspensions 12/2/2015
Rule file 61K1-3.021 Professional Post-Match Reports Required to be Filed; Penalty for Late Filing 8/31/2016
Rule file 61K1-3.022 Unprofessional or Unethical Conduct 8/31/2016
Rule file 61K1-3.023 Citation Authority 12/2/2015
Rule file 61K1-3.026 Disciplinary Guidelines 11/26/2015
Rule file 61K1-3.027 Weight Classes for Boxing, Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts 12/10/2015
Rule file 61K1-3.028 Boxing and Kickboxing Participants' Apparel 11/8/2015
Rule file 61K1-3.029 Mixed Martial Arts Participants' Apparel 11/3/2015
Rule file 61K1-3.030 Boxing and Kickboxing Bandages and Handwraps; Gloves 12/10/2015
Rule file 61K1-3.031 Mixed Martial Arts Bandages and Handwraps; Gloves 12/10/2015
Rule file 61K1-3.032 Rounds 6/1/2004
Rule file 61K1-3.033 Scoring System; Scoring, Criteria; Knockdowns, Fouls; Determination of Win or Draw; Decision Final, Exceptions 8/24/2017
Rule file 61K1-3.034 Code of Conduct for Commissioners, Commission Staff, and Commission Officials 3/14/2013
Rule file 61K1-3.042 Amateur Events Held with Professional Events 11/3/2015
Rule file 61K1-3.043 Instant Replay 4/15/2019